American Health: Demographics and Spending of Health Care Consumers, 3rd ed.


Demographics and spending of health care consumers. Includes historical data and calculations so you can instantly grasp the trends.

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The third edition of American Health: Demographics and Spending of Health Care Consumers provides a comprehensive look at the demographics of health care consumers and the services they use, ranging from fish oil supplements to mammograms, from doctor visits to birth control pills.

American Health includes detailed health care spending data from the federal government’s highly respected Consumer Expenditure Survey and the less well-known Medical Expenditure Panel Survey. It presents data on health care coverage and the reasons why people do not have health insurance. It has information on the growing girth of the population, in pounds and percentages. It examines teen attitudes toward sex and teen and adult use of contraception. It explores the changing attitudes of Americans toward the role of the federal government in providing health care in the United States.

American Health is divided into 14 chapters, each examining a different facet of health care. The topics are Addictions, Aging, Alternative Medicine, Attitudes toward Health Care, Births, Coverage and Cost, Deaths, Disability, Diseases and Conditions, Health Care Visits, Hospital Care, Mental Health, Sexual Attitudes and Behavior, and Weight and Exercise. Each chapter includes tables showing the demographics of health care consumers as well as explanatory text and charts revealing the most important trends.

480 pages; Available June 2010
ISBN 978-1-935114-81-9 (hardcover); ISBN 978-1-935114-82-6 (paper)

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“Information is provided in over 300 easy-to-read tables and graphs with explanatory text that includes historical data and calculations to better understand trends. This compendium of health services consumer statistics contains information useful to students, researchers, policymakers, and health care professionals.” —American Reference Books Annual

“. . . a welcome addition to the marketing and health collections of public and academic libraries.” —Library Journal