Americans and Their Homes: Demographics of Homeownership, 3rd ed.


Demographics of who owns their home, what those homes are like, who moved recently, and how much they spent.

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The third edition of Americans and Their Homes: Demographics of Homeownership looks at homeownership and the housing market through 2010. In Americans and Their Homes, which contains 50 percent more information than the previous edition, you get demographic data profiling the nation’s homeowners and renters—their age, income, household type, race, Hispanic origin and geographical residence. You will also learn about their homes—heating, cooling, kitchen and laundry equipment, purchase price and value, housing costs, and much, much more.

New to this edition of Americans and Their Homes is much more data on the demographics of renters and the characteristics of their homes and apartments. As it becomes more difficult to buy and sell houses, renting has become a viable alternative for millions of Americans—especially young adults. Americans and Their Homes shows you who rents and what they rent. Despite the turmoil of the Great Recession, most homeowners still have plenty of equity in their home. But a growing number are underwater. Americans and Their Homes: Demographics of Homeownership reveals these trends and gives you the facts behind them.


624 pages; June 2011
ISBN 978-1-935775-29-4 (hardcover); ISBN 978-1-935775-30-0 (paper);
ISBN 978-1-935775-61-4

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