The American Marketplace: Demographics and Spending Patterns, 13th ed


Demographics and spending patterns of American consumers in one handy volume.

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Quick and easy access is the goal of the new 13th edition of The American Marketplace: Demographics and Spending Patterns. Designed for convenience, The American Marketplace draws on scores of government sources to give you a population profile of the United States in one handy volume. Its hundreds of tables are organized into 11 chapters covering attitudes, education, health, housing, income, labor force, living arrangements, population, spending, time use, and wealth.

The American Marketplace reveals the latest demographic trends and tells the American story. It examines changing lifestyles in rich detail, from growing racial and ethnic diversity to declining homeownership, from disappearing nuclear families to shifting patterns of household spending, from another baby bust to new attitudes toward gay marriage. New to this edition of The American Marketplace are 2014 population estimates for the nation, states, and metropolitan areas, revealing surprising patterns of growth. The Attitudes chapter has data from the 2014 General Social Survey. The Income chapter, with 2014 income statistics from the 2014 Current Population Survey, reveals the struggle to stay afloat. The Wealth chapter examines net worth in 2014 and the downward trend since the Great Recession. The American Marketplace is a reference tool that will help you cut through the clutter and track the trends.

655 pages Available February 2016
ISBN 978-1-937737-21-4 hardcover; ISBN 978-1-937737-22-1 paper; ISBN 978-1-937737-23-8 pdf

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The American Marketplace should be on your bookshelf.”
—The Wall Street Journal

“The organization of the book is straightforward, and the index makes it easy for the user to locate needed data quickly. The type is clear and easy to read, and the charts and tables are well constructed for data clarity. . . This book is highly recommended.”
—American Reference books Annual