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Homeownership Falls to Record Low in the 30-to-34 Age Group

 August 5, 2014  The homeownership rate of households headed by people aged 30 to 34 fell to a record low in the second quarter of 2014, according to the Census Bureau's Housing Vacancy Survey.

Births in 2013, Higher Divorce Rates, Fewer Nuclear Families

 June 17, 2014  At first glance, the 2013 estimate of births in the United States might seem ho-hum. On second glance, the estimate is startling.

The Peak in Men's Income

 May 7, 2014   Here's an interesting exercise. Take the median income of American men since 1950, adjust it for inflation, and rank it from highest to lowest to determine the year in which men's income peaked.

Cities Continue to Sparkle

 April 2, 2014   The nation's cities continue to attract Americans by the millions, according to the Census Bureau's 2013 county population estimates. 

Magnets for Migrants, 2012-13

 February 19, 2014  The mobility rate of Americans has plunged over the past few decades, falling to historic lows int he aftermath of the Great Recession. Nevertheless, Americans are still moving, and some states are attracting more movers than others.

The Top 10 Demographic Trends

 January 14, 2014  We live in Interesting times, and this is what makes our times so interesting. Below are the 10 demographic trends that are changing the way we live...