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White Paper - Housing Recovery Strategies for a Demographically Disrupted Market

White Paper - Housing Recovery Strategies for a Demographically Disrupted Market

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 White PaperHousing Recovery Strategies for a Demographically Disrupted Market

This 16 page white paper contains the most up-to date, key information, shedding light on the housing market in a fresh new way. It not only defines consumer patterns in the housing market, but it identifies the pattern of home buying for the foreseeable future and offers creative, strategic directives and solutions.

For more than twenty years, New Strategist Press has been analyzing and publishing demographic studies in a wide range of sectors. We have been asked on multiple occasions by various businesses to describe how this data has a direct impact on their operations.

Too much information can be a problem, data can be daunting. So, we’ve extracted the most relevant data from different platforms to present this birds-eye-view of the state of the housing market.

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1. The Missing Link: First-time Homebuyers
   Student Loans
   Falling Incomes
   Delayed Marriage and Childbearing

2 Financial Distress of the Middle Aged
  Growing Debt
  Shrinking Net Worth
  Paralysis in the Housing Market
  Retirement Needs
3 The Missing Billions: The Inheritance Bust
4 Growing Minority Populations
5 Urban Revival, Rural Decline
Conclusion: Creating New Markets
  Final Thoughts