Aladdin Schools Connect for PC

Aladdin Schools Connect for PC

Access student and school information and receive notifications on your device

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It is terrible. Sometimes the app will not load. I lost my grade.

It's a great tool for schools, but it doesn't contain enough information from the school. The interface and GUI are poorly designed, just like 2012.

This is by far the most terrible app that I've ever seen. Please take it down from the App Store right now. Conor mcdonnell

Excellent app, Saves time in entering absence notes and reduces the need to search for changes for different payments. It also allows schools to keep their parents informed.

A hopelessly ignorant app written by a toddler. It is impossible to create a second account. The link page has been removed. Additionally, the auto-fill function deletes all data. This app assumes that the administrators of the schools using it know anything about IT.

This app is amazing! It allows you to view all information about your daughters on one page. This app is very useful.

It was horrible. I had no time to do my school homework and my teacher suggested that I get Aladdin. I attempted to log in but couldn't.

I have one problem: I need to go into the app and see if I received an msg. I have tried every option and my phone settings work fine.

The app worked fine when only one account was used. However, I created a second account to use for another school and now I can't access my first account.

It is maturing, and developers are adding new functionality. It is possible to try it, e.g. If you tried it a year back and weren't satisfied, try it again. You can perform batch actions (submitting multiple absence excuses, making payments, etc.) and earlier issues have been resolved. It is possible to stay logged into the app and not need to enter your password each time. This can be done by doing some digging. You will find a "Keep me signed-in" option on this page. Tap this, and then click 'Done". After two weeks inactivity, you will be asked for your password. You'll remain signed in to the Aladdin App. It works exactly as it was designed.

It's a very archaic interface that brings back memories of MS Access school projects in the 90s. It does what it was designed to.

It will make it much simpler to have an option for saving password, and not be required to enter password each time you blog in.