AmoLatina: Latin Dating App for PC

AmoLatina: Latin Dating App for PC

Meet singles for dating in this live chat app. Find love in Latin America.

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About AmoLatina: Latin Dating App For PC

It's a great app, but it is very costly and takes up a lot of your credit to view and respond to any charges.

Absolute scam. This site is a scam. The "women" here are robots, and the owners of it are vultures. These clowns will respond with something like "I'm sorry about the experience. Please contact customer service." But the truth is that they have stolen hundreds of my dollars.

Chat rooms can be very costly. Chatting is all that girls are interested in. To exchange your contact information, you must have spent at least $500 on a gift. This was something I tried twice, and both times the girls made an excuse not to exchange their contact information. They needed to talk more before they agreed. I spent $1000 on each girl with gifts and chats. They will not automatically bill you. There is no other option than to purchase credits at your convenience.

All those looking at this site should be aware that a majority of them are bots or scammers. I know I was scammed, and I wouldn't even consider checking it out unless I wanted to get scammed. They know who their scammers are on here. We're trying to catch you.

I don't understand the system. My subscription expired yesterday ,,,,. I contacted customer support but was not given any answers. The best thing is to delete the app.

If I want to find my wife, but can only communicate with her here, how can I meet her or get to know her in these conditions?

When it is obvious that you are speaking to bots, the app will ask you for money. These apps should be blocked so that people don't waste their time downloading them. Edit. Edit.

You can't expect anyone to make a connection with you if they have to charge you for credit that doesn't last. It also takes forever for them to confirm your account. This app can be a time-saver, but don't let it waste your money.

It is almost infuriating that you can't message anyone and can't send messages to anybody without a subscription.

The app is very expensive because F... want you to pay just jst for reading mgs, letters and emails. This is ridiculous!

The fact that I can chat with many of the women here is a great feature. However, I dislike the cost of buying credits and the inability to send or receive contacts information. Other than that I love the app.

Girls don't want to pay for the most basic emojis. Some can cost up to $5000 per 5 second message on a woman’s screen.

This app and its link to a site are a fraud to make men spend more money.

Yes, this is Miguel 2022. I rate this app five stars as they have improved the website each year. People want the best and all of the ladies who love Miguel are amazing.

Scam. Stay away. You cannot delete/remove/edit data if it is stolen. The entire app is infected with bots. The overall rating of the app is false. Do not be afraid.