Among Us for PC

Among Us for PC

Join your crewmates in a multiplayer game of teamwork and betrayal!

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AuthorInnerSloth LLC

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Among us sekarang ribet kalo mau main log in dulu, data lahir, segala macam. Mau main yg simpel aja. Saya main game cuma buat habisin waktu luang aja.

I lost interest after a while, but I still enjoy it occasionally! C: EDIT. I started playing bac about one or two days ago. Although it's good, I needed to download it again. I have done this twice now. Every time my internet says I have to, I go online and check it. (Most of the times )--.).

This game was my favorite back in 2020. I tried to return to it because it had a lot more updates. However, every time I attempt to join the game, my character becomes invisible. All of my assets, including clothes and hats, are also invisible. When the game begins, it says that the internet connection is unstable or has a problem. I then try to create a new room and the same happens. Please fix it.

You made the game one of my favorite games ever, thanks to innersloth. But do you wonder why only four stars are given? They make it impossible for me to join any lobby. For the past 5-10 days, I've not been playing with us! Innersloth, please fix the bug! It's getting old! This bug needs to be fixed and I will give 100 stars! It's a bug! I will kill you if it is fixed. (delete this!)

The game itself is very good. I like the graphics and overall system. However, there are glitches. Sometimes, when i play the game, my character becomes invisible and doesn't have clothes. Also, it always ends when the game begins. I have to remove the game and install it again in order to continue playing.

Fix your game-eating developers. My ban was for Intentionally Disconnecting. This is your problem and mine. You can either learn moderation, or you can have no.

Sin duda me considero fan del juego. Y la verdad, las ultimas actualizaciones han estado de maravilla, agregando seguridad y nievo contenido, ademas que tener un grupo de desarrolladores pequeno pero dedicado. Update: EL JUEGO ESTA RECIENDO Me encanta la mecanics de cosmicubos y la lista de amigos! Sin duda lo considero un vicio xd. Admito que a veces hay gente un poco maleducada, pero hay un boton para reportar!

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This is by far the best game I have ever seen. If it doesn't allow you to create an account, then just wait until the next day.

It wouldn't let me download the game, so I deleted 3 of my favourite games.

My account is not able to be signed in.

It is so stupid it's horrible. My sister plays this game so often on Roblox that she doesn't stop. If I were a play store owner, I would rate it as a one star terrible game.

This game was a great experience. All I can tell you is that blue reported it. It is boring and not fun any more. Please change it!

This is Wi-Fi gaming. I don't recommend it.

The game was 5*, but since the names of the hosts have changed, I'm unable to find specific hosts. It was played 7 days per week and was barely picking it up since the update.