Avia Media Player (Chromecast) for PC

Avia Media Player (Chromecast) for PC

Share your personal photos, videos and music on the big screen with Avia

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About Avia Media Player (Chromecast) For PC

Updated to the latest version. My SD card with all of my media is not visible. When I choose folder view, it only displays my phone's memory folder 0. Galaxy S5 running android 6.0.1 Are there any suggestions?

Chromecast won't allow you to stream web content. This is a scam. Should be taken out of the play store Write to Google Service about the app scam

It was purchased because I wanted to be cast. My media cannot cast, but the rival does. But I was unable to receive a refund.

Why doesn't the app show me my Dropbox videos? As a paid client, I used this app to view movies I had downloaded to my Dropbox account. Over 100 movies are stored on Dropbox. When I log in to Avia, (I have already connected my Dropbox account with Avia), it claims that there are no videos. DB shows me! I had over 100 videos stored in Dropbox, as I mentioned. Is this what is happening? Are you unable to link with Dropbox anymore? Help!

This app is something I wish I had not purchased. It was great for listening to audiobooks. The app does not allow me to save bookmarks. It also closes after a few minutes and then I am back where I was. This was something I wrote about 3 years ago. No update has ever been done. It's over.

App is great for casting and media, but deleted files are still showing up in the app. This is a very frustrating issue, which could be fixed.

Although it is a great app to play direct from your usb device, .... does not perform as advertised. The plus version did not connect to my TV or any other Apple TVs that I own, which is something they boast about.

Premium version paid for, cannot cast any, button for Chromecast won't respond when pressed, so I'm expecting a refund.

Playing vids can be very slow. Can't play particular MP4 vids either. The first works. One works. The second makes an error. Very bad app.

This is a terrible error! It doesn't work with Chromecast. This is a scam.

It is simply amazing. You can access it from almost anywhere. Bubble upnp, I believe is superior because you can access cloud storage such as Google music and other services.

Garbage. Description lies. You can't cast any item without having to pay. You can't view your folders properly to locate what you need.

Since I used it last, a lot more Chromecast streaming problems have been resolved which has been great. However, I have a new problem. Chromecast streaming 3D content through Avia causes the video to be placed on the upper right hand side of my TV screen. This has happened before, but it was with non 3D content. I wondered if there were any solutions.

Does it really matter if I have to spend $4.99 to test the casting? Now I have to press the "cast" button. It's not clear what I will be spending. The era is one of free trials.

There is nothing better than my stock media player for mobile. The app needed money to be able to connect to my Chromecast. There's no need