azfamily 3TV CBS 5 for PC

azfamily 3TV CBS 5 for PC

Get breaking news across Arizona and around the world from 3TV & CBS 5.

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AuthorKTVK Digital Media, LLC

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About azfamily 3TV CBS 5 For PC

The livestreaming function is not working anymore. It freezes each second, so you can watch slides from a PowerPoint PowerPoint presentation. It is very frustrating.

Because I enjoy their TV content, downloaded it. My first attempt at using the app resulted in my phone giving me the message, "App closed due to a bug." Clear cache Clear cache immediately!

This updated app is so full of ads that I absolutely hate it. The ads keep popping up so that news has very little information. Before this update, I loved the app. All negative changes are positive.

Updated and found it completely different. It doesn't work at all right now. It will be deleted and I'll look for a new news app.

Traffic app terrible, too small and only displays a very small area. The app won't scale to the full screen. It was terrible too.

This new format is not for me. This format was better than the last. Had more news, photos, detailed. It's time to search for another local news app.

So much duplication duplication duplication. There are only a handful of articles that duplicate the same stories. Pop ups are a constant nuisance, making it difficult to understand.

Commercials. This app is for those who want to see 30-40 minutes worth of commercials, and two minutes of news.

Many articles require payment. It is not possible to broadcast the news on your TV and then watch it. Advertisements everywhere! Local news is better served by ABC or CBS.

The app is a slick, nimble tool that takes you all over and tricked into clicking on the wrong place. It is almost impossible to go through an entire article without clicking the ad. It is very frustrating! !

It is very sensitive, and when I scroll through an article it will switch to the next one. Good design and touchy interface. The news articles in the app are no longer news that I am interested in, but only weather and silly articles. To find the most important news, I need to look.

Clicking on the headlines or notifications doesn't open them. The app opens, but it often doesn't take you to the story.

It is having trouble loading the updated app. The ads make it difficult to see the articles. There are too many advertisements and the overall experience is a bit shaky. It was once an excellent app, but it has since been changed.

Your app is available on my smartphone and I use it for Roku. This app works! It's incredibly frustrating. I see 20 minutes worth of ads and then a blue screen saying we'll return. It's not clear who is responsible for the advertisements, but I would appreciate it if this was fixed!

It keeps pushing for weather conditions in a location I've been to since months. It keeps doing this. It is so bloated with graphics and ads that it takes a long time to load. Also, searching for news can be quite painful. It still needs to be proofread for spelling and grammar errors. Negative stars would be my favorite.