Bazooka Boy for PC

Bazooka Boy for PC

Blast your way to victory and wipe out the enemies with crazy fun explosions!

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AuthorSupersonic Studios LTD

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About Bazooka Boy For PC

There are too many advertisements. Too many ads that it is difficult to enjoy the game. Each ad must be closed four times. It must be uninstalled.

You will find a lot of advertisements throughout the game. You get more ads for every move and even when you aim. You can't play the game if your internet goes down.

It is fun, but there are too many ads. Next level ads even. This game deserves zero stars.

Two days ago, I downloaded Bazooka Boy. Too many ads. Good game. Play for four seconds, then you'll see 20 seconds worth of commercials. You can continue playing for 4 seconds more, then watch the commercials. Rinse and repeat. It will be deleted.

It took about 30 minutes to reach level 51. It is a decent game. The straight shots are easy, but it can get tricky for the more difficult levels. After about half an hour the advertisements after each level were too much. You can't turn off wifi for this game.

It is fun, challenging and fun. However, the annoying ads ruin the experience. I removed it from the computer after 30 minutes. I reinstalled the program after one year and it still had too many ads.

There are way too many adds for every turn. Some of these adds can be so large that it is difficult to find the right x and return to the game. This may work better on a Teblet, if they do so, it should be noted before downloading.

Fun little game. There are way too many slow, long ads. Spend more time looking at ads than you do playing. Uninstalling.

You will have to pay attention to the ads if there are too many. The game play is okay, but the ads take up too much of your time. Uninstalled.

A game where ads ......... force people to stop watching videos for prizes and when they don't say yes, force them to view it ....... These are terrible people who only care about their fan base and want the maximum amount of money.

Each level will have an advertisement lasting at least 30 seconds. It's useless... I now see negative user ratings... I wonder how they can maintain their 4.1 rating. It could also be spam. Report it.

Amazing Game, with terrible advertisements You should uninstall adds as they are too much. You can play your game, and you will be the judge!

There are way too many advertisements. You spent most of your time watching the same ads over and over again. Ads are necessary, but they're just too numerous.

It's a fun game but it is very heavy on the ads. Sometimes 2 ads between every short games. It was just too much.

Too many ads! A game in which I must watch 10 ads to interrupt my play is not one I enjoy. I then have to see 10 more before I can complete the round. Also, instead of 10 ads per round, you can show 20 and then interrupt the game with more ads. Ads, ads and more ads! I want to get a space that consumes 380Mbs of advertisements onto my smartphone. Please, give me more ads. I would prefer to only see ads for more ads-supported games. Ads are what I want...