Remote Control V2 for PC Remote Control V2 for PC

Turns your smartphone into a steering wheel for BeamNG.Drive Remote Control V2 for PC Details

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About Remote Control V2 For PC

It refused to let me in, but it let me in. I wish it could be played on a computer.

It won't let me play, and it prompts me for code scanning. What should I do?

It's terrible that you need a QR code, but I love that it can be used on a smartphone for beaming. I don't own a controller.

Although I could give five stars, I chose to only rate 4 as I have some issues with control (something that disconnects). Also, I think UI improvements are needed. I would recommend live streaming for the camera and sensor in your mobile app.

It has cars with the logo, crahing, chases and among us baby Crewmate. I love this game. Bye 911

It's hard to know what I should do. I've seen people do it on YouTube. I'd like to play the game, but I'm not sure if I can. I also don't own the necessary stuff.

It's not my preference how controls are placed on phones. I prefer it to work on computers or devices. I have a laptop that I am using, but it doesn't work because it does not connect to my computer. I like the Steam version of it but I will not get the why it does not work with whites.

This is an excellent app... You can also make BeamNG! because I LOVE THAT GAME! This game is so cool. It's so cool! Thanks!

Evet oncelikle bir gamepad veya bir direksiyonunuz yoksa hassas donusler yapmak icin kullanabileceginiz en iyi kontrolcu. Ve bu uygulamayi oyun sanan veledlerin cehennemde ozel yerleri var. Uygulama, Steam'deki BeamNG.Drive adli 40 TL olan gercekci araba fizikleri iceren oyun icin bir kontrolcu. Kaldiracak bilgisayariniz var ise siddetle onerdigim bir oyun. Araba oyunlarina bakis acinizi degistirecek. Uygulamadaki tek istedigim ozellik ise daha genis kontroller (vites atma el freni gibi) LUTFEN.

Doesn't work! It doesn't work! This is a horrible idea!

All functions perfectly, steering and pedals for acceleration, braking, etc. It's very easy to use, but it would be great if you could use this feature to change gears.

The app stops me from scanning the QR code. I use an asus laptop, but it works for my to-work purposes. I also have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. I do have my phone, but don't know how to find it.