BLK - Swipe. Match. Chat. for PC

BLK - Swipe. Match. Chat. for PC

BLK is an exclusive, free way to meet Black singles.

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They don't inform you ..... that even though you have a subscription, you can still not see matches unless your "upgrade to Elite" is made. It's a scam. They make you buy a subscription to be able to view ANYONE that you have matched up with. You won't find this information when you purchase a subscription. I WANT A COMPLETE REFUND OF MY SIX MONTH SUBSCRIPTION .... That I cannot use! I would not have bought if I did not want to view my matches.

Transpeople should be removed from the search results for normal women! You can also hide trans people from search results. You can also create your own trans category. There are many decent, good-looking men here for ladies. You may not be seeing them because they have already taken advantage of you. You will have a better experience if you can figure out why this is happening. Your weight could be the key to you being swiped right. It could be your body, your children, or your angry profile.

Anybody good is a catfish. You can see which people have liked you. It said that for one month, it was 20$. They kept adding 20 dollars every month thereafter. It then says that I can delete my account but it won't let me. IT WONT LET ME DELETE IT! This is why many people don't answer because they wanted to delete it too. It was a complete waste of my time. I also consented for a single monthly, not a subscription.

The dating website is terrible. Two days ago, I made a profile and was shown a man who lived 150 miles away. My profile was removed after I modified my distance. Tonight, I attempted to log in but my profile was not created. I had to start over so I removed the entire thing.

My account was terminated/disabled because I am not interested in men who want to address me as a female. A man who wants to have a relationship with women? My profile states that I am interested in women. The profile does not mention men. It doesn't say that I am interested in (Transgender) men who want people to refer to me as a woman. I'm not responsible for the fake profiles that some men make and begin looking for women like me. Don't allow people to talk with strangers than they are interested in.

It's not terrible, but it isn't great. It costs money to view matches, so it's a huge hit. BLK offers all the usual premium features of dating apps, except that you can swipe.

I was thrown down this str8 for the second time. That's it. The app keeps crashing.

The app has been down for several months and the company still isn't fixing it. Do not pay for an upgrade. You will be logged out each two minutes.

My account was disabled for some strange reason. I didn't do anything wrong, but I'm not sure what the issue is. I'm sorry. They never get back to me.

They charge $30/month and can't solve common problems like being unable to seamlessly scroll through photos of friends or adding a rewind option to sections of people who liked your picture

This is showing me that people live hundreds of miles from me. It was my understanding that this site is only for black singles. So why do there seem to be so many YT users?

My account was deleted for unknown reasons. I have emailed customer service and still no reply.

It crashes constantly and matches people outside my preference. I rarely get swipe offers from people who are not in my same area as me.

The app crashes constantly and takes me back to my sign-in screen. In 5 minutes, I signed up 3 times. This experience has kept me from using the app for months. The app isn't stable and it doesn't seem to have been fixed. Eng, Product, & UX... These are the top priorities if you're looking to create happy customers.

This app does not seem to be working. They claimed they had fixed it. Beware! Don't pay until the issue has been resolved. Continue to crash.