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After I downloaded 2 of the 32 classes to my Samsung Tablet, and ran out of space, I discovered that I cannot put an app onto a Windows 10 computer. There is also no way to alter where classes have been downloaded. I would like to be able to save content to an external drive or to cloud storage. BluPrint has the answer to all your questions. However, it doesn't cover every situation. You don't need to give up what you paid for, even if that means losing it forever.

It is a wonderful creative platform. The teachers are amazing and the lessons are well presented with great studio lighting and production.

This app is amazing. It's easy, convenient, and like having your own teacher for whatever subject you are interested in. Bluprint is a great resource. There are too many classes and not enough time.

It is difficult to navigate, can't purch individual classes. Please fix it. You can go to crafty. I felt ripped off.

I tried repeatedly to download Forever Classes from my Pixel 4 smartphone. Although Download Manager shows the file as downloaded, I was unable to access the entire series. After uninstalling and reinstalling several times, I was unable to download the episodes. The problem isn't that I have enough space for the app on my mobile. Given the amount of wasted time spent trying to get paid classes, one star seems fair.

Craftsy was available on both my old Android tablet and my desktop computer. It's now only accessible on my small phone screen. Classes to which I'm supposed to "forever" have limited access to my main memory. Not a lot and certainly not all my classes. They will not be visible to me and files can't be moved. Bluprint, you are a fraudster.

I do not own a tablet or cellular phone. What is the F to get 18 classes that I have paid for? It must be to a computer. I see a class-action law suit coming !!!!!!!!!!!. !

It is wonderful that I can save a class on my smartphone and view it when I don't have internet access. However, the app is not sufficient to store more than one class. It is important that we can use the app from our computers. I will need enough space for all my classes to save before Bluprint closes. My phone's screen was small enough to be able to view the app, but it wasn't great. This needs to be able to access the app on my computer, just like others. Accessing the app is easier than sending everyone a DVD of their individual library.

It feels like I was cheated. I feel scammed. The life expectancy of a phone is maximum. It lasts for 4 years. Additionally, 44 of my courses have several hours worth of video. It is impossible to save them all on my phone. These files must be saved to a hard drive and made backups.

My phone has also run out of storage. My phone has become slow. It is necessary to be able to transfer them from our laptops and desktops. My tablet is not available. You can also download the classes to your SD card. My smartphone is 64 gigabytes. Now it is down to zero.

At the moment, I'm NOT HAPPY. Google says that I have the app on my smartphone, but I don't. What is the point of having all those classes on my phone !!!!!!? UPDATE: Imagine my delight to discover the app for this on my smartphone. I had not installed it. It was a tiny screen .... I always watched it on my laptop. This is not something I want to see on my Android phone. It's what I would like to see on my computer. This is what I'm having trouble with. Continue trying to complete the Blupoint message form but it changes what I've written every time and makes the form empty. I found out that the app was installed on my phone. I would appreciate any help regarding this !!!!!!! !

I've watched most of them and loved them. This company's dissolution is an insult to me. I won't, and I mean never, ever have any business dealings with NBC. A monopoly is not something I find to be unacceptable. To line their pockets, they are using crafters and subscribers as pawns. Shame on NBC. .... Please notify me if you start a new craft program. Yes, I'll subscribe.

Carolina Castro reviewed my problem on May 29, 2020. Because I cannot save my classes to SD cards, my tablet is running out of space. My storage would be sufficient if I could save to my Windows desktop (in this case, Windows). There are many Bluprint customers experiencing the exact same issue.

It's an amazing app. It's helping me grow my abilities. It's a good value for the year.

Bluprint sent me an email regarding the upcoming shut down and access to its "Forever Classes". It stated: "...We are working to find a way to extend your download period for purchased classes. Unfortunately this is not ideal, especially for people who own a lot of classes or a lesser number. It is inefficient to download each class individually. You cannot download the class via an app. Smartphones and tablets are limited in storage. It is not our responsibility to discover creative ways around this limitation. These classes are ours and we should have access to efficient storage and downloading solutions, like onto a computer. Send us an e-mail with your classes. This message is intended to reach everyone who has the responsibility of finding this solution. Thanks.