Bot Designer For Discord for PC

Bot Designer For Discord for PC

An application that allows you to create simple discord bots

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AuthorNilPointer Software Jakub Tomana

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About Bot Designer For Discord For PC

The app was great, and I enjoyed learning the code while I made commands. The only problem is hosting. I would prefer that you can leave the app open, and then the bot could be hosted over your internet. Perhaps the backup hosting time could be used in the event that the user's internet is lost.

It's a great app, but could you create an API maker in the app? This will make a great app.

My favorite app in the appstore This app is great for making fun bots with friends. However, hosting can be slow. It takes me a while to get my bot running for extended periods of time. Make a daily spin wheel so you can allow your bot hosting time.

This app is amazing, I created my first functional bot even though I'm not a programmer or a coder. It took me from 5 stars to 4. I started to get errors when saving my commands, and then tried restarting the app to resolve the problem. My internet is good and it didn't cause any issues.

5/5 app! The app is so simple to use, and offers so many possibilities! This program is something I'd recommend to anyone, friend included. Sorry for the spelling mistake, im in an rush.

When I attempted to add my bot on my server, an error message kept popping up that said i needed a code grant. I would have given it five stars if it weren't for this error message. However, please help me with this issue. There is not even a tutorial on code grants.

The best app to get creative ideas from bots. It isn't a fraud, almost all connections are made via discord.

It's amazing! This app is amazing! This is the problem when I need to change my status. The Status Message and Description would have "testing status", but it would not show up. However, the bot was online. This is normal? Edit: It was fixed.

It won't allow me to make one. I have tried several times, but it keeps telling me that the token is invalid. I've reset it and still no luck.

Excellent app. However, I am having trouble because my bot is not online. I tried to put the token but it did not work. I don't know why.

It would have been great, but my bot token ID isn't working. This frustrates me.

Help, i cannot edit/move commands after i received more than 230 commands. My premium has expired.

It would be an acceptable app for creating a bot, but it isn't finished. This app would be a 5 star easy win if they fix the glaring problem.

This app is great for making difficult commands. However, I am experiencing a problem with the invitation of bots. When i attempt to invite one, it states "invalid permissions needed" before i can do anything. It says the exact same thing regardless of which bot I press. This must be fixed.

This is why I gave it three stars.