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It is so annoying that it will sign you out. You have to go through your school every time you need to sign in and search for the right one.

This app would be my first choice if I ever had to teach online classes. If there was one app I would recommend, it would be CANVAS

The app is easier to use than Moodle. This app allows me to send emails directly to my class instructors, something I could not do with Moodle.

It is very easy to use, and it has been very helpful for me in my studies. It would be helpful if you could arrange each module so it is easier to locate.

It is definitely worth it because everyone has the ability to comment, communicate and also submit work through Canvas. This app is amazing! !

The app calendar does not work. It is an issue that has been reported in forums as a problem for the last year. It is not good that this problem persists.

It's a 0. I don't want to rate it so I give it a 1. I hate you all sm. You made my life miserable. Please delete this.

Navigation between classes has been a wonderful experience for me so far. My instructors are very knowledgeable and you can view videos on Canvas from YouTube if you have any problems. Peer reviews have been my only problem. Peer reviews are difficult to do in the app. I have had problems even using my browser from my computer. This is due to the program that the student wrote their paper.

Amazing learning platform. It could be made easier via an app that is mobile-friendly.

Although I do most of my work, it doesn't seem to show up when i go to the assignments. It doesn't seem to matter, but it does.

I would give this app 0 stars. It is the end of good things. Teachers can even assign work on snow days.

This application is very useful for online education. Students can also learn from it. We are grateful to the canvas team.

It's completely useless. The pairing code for my son doesn't work. It's not only impossible to find the school, but it is also impossible for me to use his pairing code. When I try to find the help files I need to sign in before I can click. This app doesn't work as well with McDonald's ice-cream machines.

It's user-friendly. I have been using the app since my community college days. My university has just begun using it.

It works great, but I only get the first discussion post and nothing else. It would be great if I could scroll down and see the discussion posts.