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CloudEdge for PC

CloudEdge provide a set of video service platform for family and enterprise.

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It is very easy to use, and it can be set up in a matter of minutes. The only thing that I would make is to change the sound the warning sounds shound can choose from (4/5 or 8/10).

It looks great, but sometimes it is a bit slow.

It is fantastic. Clear view/night/day. When activated, it gives you notification. I wish there was a way for it to notify me if the motion is not turned on. It's free, it's great. It's great. It would be great to have an sencer-type battery that you could charge when the device is in motion. Thank you for this nice set-up.

Nighttime alerts are a common problem with the powered camera. It is possible to fix this through the app, but it's not clear if I can.

As of Oct 2022, the app developer has changed. I hope they are doing a better job then the play store app developers. Last update added third party login? The app isn't secure. Someone else controls my camera while I am logged into my phone. Similar issue on other devices. This app may be a duplicate. I suspect someone else has found a way to get the cameras using Linux or Windows operating systems.

We are very pleased with the audio and image quality, especially in the dark. Thank you so much for such an excellent product

Love my cameras. One at each end and one at the front of my house. It was the plug-in that caused the problem at my front door. Problem solved.

The app is simple to use, and the battery life so far seems satisfactory. The sound quality and camera could use some improvement. Although the doorbell attachment does not work, it works fine when it is notified via phone.

This app has mixed reviews. Although it works well, the biggest issue was that the app does not work over a cellular network. This made the task of fine-tuning the camera angle using the joystick more difficult. Although the recent update was great as it allowed you to adjust the monitor area for motion, I now get false alarms almost every other minute. Until that is fixed, I will have to disable notifications.

It would have been 5 stars, but the camera has stopped moving and now only moves up and down. I will give it 5 stars if I get this fixed.

This app has been great so far. It's only been a couple of weeks, but I have enjoyed it so far and had no problems.

It's a good app. You will need to place a battery icon showing the remaining battery percent on your home screen. The light should also be accessible from the "live" screen.

It is amazing to be able to look after your house while you are away. We were surprised to see a neighbor helping himself to delivery items to his front door.

The app is great! You can see nearby people and see the area around them. It also allows you to hear the bells.

It's both functional and practical - all of our cameras could be managed in one location. Notifications are received quickly. It is easy to set up your camera without any complicated settings. App that works well