CorrLinks Video for PC

CorrLinks Video for PC

Video visit with your incarcerated family/friends using Android devices.

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AuthorAdvanced Technologies Group, LLC

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This app is impossible to use! The app keeps telling me to update it. It said there was no update when I clicked the button. This is why I have missed three video visits! This !!!!! problem must be fixed. !

This app is great, but it's causing me problems to log in. I tried to do so and it still didn't work.

It refused to allow me to make a video conference with my daughter, who was incarcerated.

Keep your heads up. The videos are shared and the guards monitor and mock inmates. (This was a fact that an inmate told them!). The app should never be used for spying. DTA.

It would be great if the app could be made easier and was installed in a matter of minutes on your laptop.

The app says that I cannot use it as my connection pings to 131, but requires that the connection ping at 100 ms.

It works well for talking to an inmate but the icon doesn't remain on my smartphone. It is so frustrating to have to search for it in the store and then go through all of that every single time. It is so frustrating

M6 sister couldn't hear me, but she could hear me. It's hard to videochat with my sister when I can't hear her at all. It would have been great if it had worked. I'd love to chat live with my sister.

For me, it is not working. I don't know why it won't let me accept my request via corrlinks. I get a message that says it has installed, but when I do that it kicks me out. It is very frustrating

I have been trying to get connected for over 10 hours. Keeps failing...won't allow me to test. This is my first video, and I tried 5/5 platforms. Half of the instruction on the tube failed. I tried again. Support didn't respond.

It says to wait for connection. Federal time can be very difficult to receive a phone call, so I'm sorry that it didn't work.

This allows me to visit my daughter, and we can talk. It is what keeps me going. She is far too far from me to travel, and I'm looking forward to seeing her again.

I will not accept disclosure agmt. This means that i can't visit my family. It is terrible.

There are several federal prisoners I am in contact with. It is simple to download and install the app. It is a great app that anyone can use to keep in touch with loved ones who are not on the outside would love it.

My video session has not yet been scheduled, however my sister used it many times. I was also present. If you are unable to travel or visit your loved ones in person, this is an excellent way to be there.