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AuthorRayark International Limited

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About DEEMO For PC

This game is great if you are looking for an authentic music experience. Timing and accuracy are very important. You can adjust these settings, which is a nice touch.

You can get it now for free! Yey!!! It was great! I have played it before but had to delete it because there weren't enough songs. It's great. Deemo 2 was also my choice.

It is great, but I don't like the price.

Omg amazing. Beautiful. Amazing. It was boring when I first downloaded it. Then, it played one song and then said "OK let's check it out". Now it plays the song again on a more difficult difficulty level. As I discovered a game more fun than anything I had played before, I started to shiver with joy. If it weren't for the fact that it is amazing, I would give it a three star rating.

Although it's not bad, my hard earned weeks were lost because my phone crashed during loading. Although I'd rate it higher than this, I hate that my data was so easily lost. Level 8 songs are difficult to charm. It takes patience and a lot of effort. Not to mention that my favorite songs are those I can't take the time to unlock. This is something I really hope developers fix. Maybe create an account system.

Excellent, but needs fewer songs with vocals. Edit: This means that you need instrumental music / ambient songs... harder. EDIT FROM THE ORIGINAL : Demo has problems between taps and yellow notes. No difficulty increases despite a year of waiting. There are no new songs or story updates. This deemo game was put on hold by deemo 2, and possibly other deemo-related games, however.

It's the best music game. The only problem is the limited space available and the high prices for the music. However, you do get some music for free. It's a great story and I love it all.

It is a beautiful game. Although I might be biased, I love a good music video game. This is one that I highly recommend. It's amazing music and many are very catchy. Enjoy this music, and cheers for the developers!

I tried downloading it, but it wouldn't let me. It said that i had to delete my storage.

It is absolutely stunning. Although the cutscenes are simple, they're beautiful and the storyline is unexpectedly and beautifully executed. A favorites album would be a great idea. This allows you to star the song you love or any songs that you are trying to improve on. It's well worth the effort to go through it at least once, even if you don't spend any money.

It's amazing, and the game keeps getting better! Although I recommend buying extra pieces as you will find beautiful ones, this is not a necessity as the game has countless beautiful songs and an amazing storyline. You may even be in tears at times.

Although I originally downloaded it to listen to Brave Frontier Crossover music, i found many other excellent songs and artstyles that are hard to beat. This makes it sad. I still have Brave Frontier Crossover songs, and I'm excited to find out what Deemo has in store for me in the future. As a substitute for the previous, I'll continue to play this mobile game. This series will be more enjoyable than any other. :)

This game is my favorite. This game has been with me for many years on many devices. It's still a great experience to go back through the story and listen to my favorite songs. To see who can get the highest score, I enjoy playing this game with another person on their own devices. Recommendation: 10/10

This game is my favorite. The game has a great storyline, and a wide range of songs. It is a wonderful app. Although the packs can be quite costly, there are enough songs for everyone to enjoy this app without spending a lot of money.

This game was a favorite of mine from years past. I enjoyed every song, but I never got to the end. It's a great game, and I am glad that it was rediscovered.