Dynacare Plus for PC

Dynacare Plus for PC

Get your lab results, biometrics, and digital health tools all in one place.

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About Dynacare Plus For PC

App registered me, and I was advised to wait 42 minutes. After we rushed to get there, the app advised us that it would take up to one hour. This app is what? ?

terrible. Company never responded to our concerns. no support. App still stated that no specimen was obtained 7 days after the blood samples were taken.

You want to cancel autopay. They won't let me change my settings because there isn't a way to cancel. I will need to call them.

There are many issues. The most common warning is "Something went wrong. Please try again". 2. They never show up after you request to generate PDFs. 3. I have not received any response from customer service in over a week. This app is full of great potential, and it's very disappointing.

The app is difficult to use and lacks support. It took several weeks to receive support if you needed it.

How can you use the app if there is no customer service? Since I was charged for an unworkable service, it has been over a week. It is frustrating and I want to know the results of my bloodwork. So far, I've created three tickets and spent almost a whole day calling to communicate. Dynacare is not a good option. Lifelabs offers the exact same service, but for a fraction of the cost.

It was a terrible experience. I couldn't get to my results. You can wait for customer service on the phone for over an hour, but they will not help you.

When i click generate pdf. The program promises to email me a copy. Two days have passed and no email has been sent with my pdf report. Why is it taking so long to create a PDF? ?

You don't have to pay for a covid result. Search covid 19 results in google to get your free report. Click on the link provided by ehealthontario.

I signed up for and paid the app. Signed up and paid for the app. It said that my email address was not available. I tried to reach customer service but no reply.

Bad app... Doesn't log me in... Every time I need to type my password, it times out fast... Sometimes the app is in Developer Mode... With controls technical names .... strange app

This app is ridiculous. I was logged in after installation but then couldn't log in again. You can login through Google Chrome, but this app is useless. Can you help me fix it? The tech men at Dynacare aren't that clever.

It tells me that almost every time I go to my lab to view my results, it will ask me to log in to the site to "protect and protect my privacy". Why bother with an app when I must go there anyway?

I cannot log into the app. Google Chrome allows me to log in. Confirmed that I am using the correct password. Incorrect login attempt. We recommend that you try it again.

The subscription was paid, but the stupid app will not install. It's been 4 days since I tried. It's a complete waste of time.