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My bot has been working fine for the past six months. But suddenly, it stopped working. The bot could not be reset.

Once a cleaning schedule is established, you will be stuck with it for the rest of your life. You cannot delete all the cleaning times you have scheduled. The app claims there are no scheduled cleaning times, but they are. Deebot app and firmware need to be updated

Although the app worked before, it now requires permissions for phone calls as well as full access to photos and media to allow it to function. This is a serious privacy breach and unacceptable.

All was well until it suddenly asked for IMEI to modify, delete or move storage contents. Why do you require access? I am writing to amazon informing them that this product is no longer being cared for.

The vacuum was paired up, and scheduling worked. However, there is no way to set a time for the start or stop of the vacuum. The vacuum should not run for more than an hour. It should run for at least an hour. There is no option to set up specific types of cleaning.

Great vac, but they might ask you for your social insurance... Not gonna use it until it is fixed

The vacuum is fantastic, but the app not so great. Although the vacuum is great at cleaning your house, the app keeps disconnecting from it. If the app was improved, this would be the best robot.

The vacuum is great and I love it, but the privacy violation makes me mad. This app shouldn't have access to any of my pictures or phone calls. If you refuse to grant access, the app won't function. No thanks. The app was removed. I don't recommend the app until this is fixed.

It is a great robot. Although the app is functional, it could have more functions. It does exactly what I want, which allows me to set up cleaning appointments and check the status of my robot. It's very user-friendly. Problem: The robot loses its memory when it gets stuck and I have to constantly redefine my cleaning schedule. If the schedule is different, please add the ability to save it in the app.

What is the purpose of (require) permissions? Permission to view my IMEI or storage! For goodness sake, it's a remote control vacuum app! What's the point of requiring permission to access? [update] Although I emailed you months ago about this, you still can't make a simple update. It's not difficult because I am a programmer. It's not a good idea to stop updating the site. Replying to reviews in negative terms with generic responses isn't helpful.

Access to my IMEI and phone storage is required. Older versions didn't require permissions. There is no explanation as to why these permissions are required. The app will not work if the permissions aren't granted. The app's current state and the problems with the robot within the first year are making me reconsider purchasing a reliable roomba.

This app doesn't work with N79. The app worked well until I needed to switch my home network. Changes to your wifi network can cause problems galore. It was impossible for me to recover, and now I am in IT. My N79 remains offline for all three

Permissions are not enough. They also deleted my review from the previous one because I mentioned it. If they believe they have the ability to invade people's privacy, this is an obvious scam. This is why I returned my deebot

Yes, I don't give a vacuum app access to my imei or modify or delete my usb storage content, photos media or files, nor access to my phone number. Is there a reason you need these permissions ECOVACS

Although the robot works, it is not as good as the app. It is difficult to use on both Galaxy S7 (and S10) because of many bugs.