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Enjaz App for PC

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About Enjaz App For PC

It's a stupid app. It won't let me register it even though it asks for my email. Instead of wasting time, you should provide clearer instructions for this app. You are wasting your time.

Poor app. The costomer support was also available to help me fix my online account 3x daily, but they cannot fix it and can't delete the online account.

The pathetic people. I am a psychic case because he is delivering pathetic service. His atmosphere is that of a prisoner, not customer service.

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This app is very bad. Please don't trust it. They will immediately remove money from your account and refuse to respond. Even though I did not purchase anything, they sent me a message saying that they had purchased 1300SAR.

It is free to download and you can try it out. However, it will remain on the national address page. It was not possible to resolve, despite many attempts. There was no coustom support for solving issues

It was downloaded and I tried to register. It stuck on the National address page. Even after numerous attempts, it was unable to modify the address. App was very unprofessional.