Fit Brains Trainer for PC

Fit Brains Trainer for PC

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AuthorRosetta Stone Canada

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They offered me a lifetime subscription when I downloaded the app. I bought it. After 5 attempts, the "lifetime access", which I purchased after installing this app stopped working. They also refuse to honor my lifetime subscription even though they have provided proof of purchase. After 5 subscriptions, they suspended them and require that I subscribe monthly. They essentially took my money by falsely advertising. Do not waste your money.

You don't get the full app for free. They will charge you an amount they feel is not worthwhile.

This app is ridiculous! I paid for the lifetime subscription but can't even play one game. The tech support told me to delete the game from my computer and then reinstall it. I did that, but the program is still useless! It is now time to file a formal complaint and request a full refund. !

It crashes constantly. Most days I can't even get my training in. A specific brain exercise was recommended to me and it cost money that I didn't use. You can avoid regretting spending your hard-earned money on something you won't use. This is even worse than the ET game for Atari.

It's expensive. The instructions for the test were not clear in that they did not mention how to do it quickly. There is also a ticking timer so that you can complete it within a set time limit.

The games are fun! These games are challenging, and they force you to think about what is happening before you tap in the timed manar. The games can get tedious after some time. It would be much more fun and rewarding for the user to unlock certain locked games by scoring a specific score in each category. The user can pay for advanced tracking and training, as well as access to over 50+ games, games that train emotions and cognition, and training programs. This app is great.

The app is okay until the trial period, not because it's no longer free but because there are so many bugs associated with subscribing. The login screen does not remember my password and username immediately after I subscribe to the weekly subscription. This means that every login must be done manually. It's not an issue, but the app crashes about 1/3 of the time when I try to start the daily training. 3/5 for a decent app, until the bug fix for users who SUBSCRIBE gets fixed.

Even after asking, there is no dev support for really important issues. Do not pay for subs to an app that isn't in continuous development. Reinstall

It was a good deal.. it worked for a while.. and my subscription was for life.. but now, ..... I have been cut.

They will need your email Addy to set up an account. It would have been nice to know this before I installed. I wouldn't mind scrolling. #uninstalled

There was no communication. My account was reset and my app had to be reinstalled. After asking for a reset of my account several times, I still have not received a response. I have sent more than one message to the company and received no reply.

Frustrating! It is frustrating! It will then stop functioning and must be closed again. You will need to log in again to see if the app works. The app usually works only after a few attempts. This app is definitely improving my patience, but it's not training my brain.

It's fun to play games. Many games freeze. Although a session should contain 5 games, it is often ended after 2, 3 or 4.

I love the app, but the app won't allow me to log in on my phone or on the website using my Chrome browser.

The initial experience was wonderful. But now it doesn't load, prompts login each time and tells you if you have already been trained. You can uninstall it now