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Easy, Smart, Home. Control smart bulbs, plugs, cameras and more from one app!

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The frustration of trying to capture and view the footage is too much. This camera is not the right one if you want to safeguard your family, home and belongings. It might be helpful to get technical support. You should forget cloud storage. It will cancel your account and then you are out all of your money. This makes it as useless as the camera itself. Run like the wind to get to the next camera. It has to be the best. It doesn't get any worse.

It's a good camera and user-friendly update: I received the doorbell cam yesterday. Although it was more complicated than my indoor unit, that was to be expected as mg doorbell had not worked for a few years, so it wasn't something I could do. Although I had the hardware and the prior breakdown in order, it was not able to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Support was available and I received the information that I required to make it work (it was an error by me, btw). The system is now running well and all is good.

The app is easy to use, and it's very near to my heart. It is important to stay safe and aware with our children today. Thank you very much!

I just got a new phone. The old one has many functions that don't work on it so I can't change the camera. I have not been contacted by customer service.

The app is amazing! I would rate it 5 stars if there were some minor issues.

It is amazing. It was amazing to think that my phone could be used to control all my appliances, in different rooms in the house and even my entire household. It's pretty cool. It's great TTYL

It is a wonderful piece of work. It is a wonderful piece of work. It's amazing! The ARLO P.O.S. MODEL wireless p.o.s. essential cameras was my first experience. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THE ARLOS. These are junk. The Arlo support functions also are useless. GEENI is the way to go! This I can vouch for! Once I have gotten rid of all my Arlo cameras. GEENI PRODUCTS WILL BE MY FULL BORE!

This camera is amazing, and it's a great price. It works well and I love it.

My log-in credentials were not saved when they updated the app. The app won't work right now. You've lost my business. You should consider a different service. It's too difficult to find a service that is user-friendly because there are so many options. This service was not available the one time that I needed it.

I have not been able install them for months. Multiple light bulbs I bought that I can't use are a huge waste of money.

Playback has been choppy lately, and it freezes every 10 seconds. It is very frustrating.

It is well worth it. It's not comparable to anything else. These are expensive and don't function without a subscription. They work. Two of these devices have served me well for more than three years. They still notify me when they detect movement. The sensitivity can be adjusted.

It's easy to use and I love it. When I'm away, I can check in remotely to my house.

It is very easy to setup and provides excellent picture quality. You can also add lights and camera doors bell nests. Your family and friends will ask a lot of questions, such as how easy it was to set it up and whether it records video for later playback. The big question will be, is it reasonably priced?

Even though I have paired my Google accounts a couple of times, it is difficult to maintain my lights connected to Google. It can make them act out even for just a second. Although I would love to rate it 5 stars, unless it stops happening, I don’t think it’s worth it. It’s an excellent app.