Gimme Radio: Free Metal Music for PC

Gimme Radio: Free Metal Music for PC

Hand selected metal radio brought to you by DJs that you already know and trust.

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AuthorGimme Radio Inc.

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About Gimme Radio: Free Metal Music For PC

Stupid. The app was downloaded. The app immediately notified me that my trial was over, and asked for $5. This app is worthless because new metal seems foreign to me in any way. Gonna give up on the Big 4 and the nwobhm. Are you looking for new metal? This is not my style. Uninstalled.

Gotcha app. This app is worse than others. Advertisements for streaming music... very limited. The first thing that you will see when you open the app is to create login. A button also appears offering a limited trial. This is a red flag. ALL ELSE IS PAYWALLED.

This app is a favorite. There are many styles of metal and rock 'n roll. The godfathers and the masters of punk, as well as all other genres. Amazing guest DJs and cool DJs. This is the perfect playlist for me as a huge metal fan. !

This service is amazing! It's amazing! The reason it didn't get five stars was because the website and app could use some improvement to make the experience even better. Bravo, guys! Keep going!

Excellent app, however I'd love the possibility to Chromecast audio from my phone without having to cast the entire device.

Riki Rachtman and Ball were great. If they had it every week, I'd definitely watch them weekly. Other content is also great.

I jumped on this and it is a huge mess. This is not intuitive.. it's a huge glitchy scam and you will have headaches trying navigate the.. pile...

UX can be confusing. On many screens, the edit and close buttons are too far up the screen to access without opening the Android OS top setting draw. The content is good but the UX issues make it difficult to use.

I love the variety of the shows. There are many friends I have made. For those who want to explore heavier things, it's a great place to meet up.

This app was recommended to me by Dave Mustaine, who has a radio program. It's not the best radio app I have ever heard about. The UI feels like a backwards jigsaw puzzle.

Excellent app! However, casting was a bit difficult from Android. After about 40 minutes, it stopped and showed only the cast icon. This could be a problem with a subscription, or the cache.

This is how you navigate the chaos. You can't just click on calendar to find out the way to watch The Ball. There are no channels! No, I am not signing up for another subscription!

This was the only problem I had with it. You couldn't choose between two radio hosts, meaning you could choose only between 2 songs. Albums? Metal is alive and well!

Amazing app! Incredible community! It's a fantastic 24/7 streaming metal app by and for the metal community. Although subscriptions with perks are available, the service is completely free and has no sponsors. They rely on you!

Although I enjoy the app's music and layout, it is slow and can lag quite a bit.