Google Lens for PC

Google Lens for PC

Search what you see, get things done faster, and interact with the world.

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AuthorGoogle LLC

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About Google Lens For PC

LENS is my favorite tool! It's amazing! It's so helpful! I use it every day to take pictures of things i own that i want to list on 4sale. It was also updated on my birthday! May 11, giggles

It does what it claims. Many people do not read/study or research. This is only a matter of a few minutes. There shouldn't be complaints. You know what it does. Etc. This is an excellent app. It's easy to use! It helps you see everything. Google has a reminder+ that searches for the sounds of objects. You can recall movie quotes and the tip of your tongue, but you need help. Google Hearing will be the name of it. It will be able to sense almost all of the senses.

It's excellent and I will give it 5 stars.

Amazing app that can find the right places, clothing, information and plants with just a few images.

The app didn't work the first time. The second attempt of the exact same search was completed in 2 seconds.

It is a must-have application. This application helps to solve some issues quickly. Although it works great, some functions could be improved.

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