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Grasshopper for PC

Make calls from your Grasshopper number and stay on top of voicemails.

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AuthorGrasshopper Group LLC

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About Grasshopper For PC

This does not work anymore 10/25/22, and grasshopper continues to claim that this is misusing wrong icon for phone after having used this device for five years ....... This has been fixed by the latest Android version. They should realize this as soon as possible to avoid losing me or other clients.

This app is a wonderful way to connect with small businesses. It will stop working after a few months, and then I have to uninstall the app again. It's amazing, other than that.

It is terrible service and it does not always ring. When you contact customer/technical support, they treat you as if you are an idiot. They repeatedly stated that I tried to follow their instructions and it did not work. They blame you, but it's your fault.

Excellent calling app that allows you to call multiple numbers from !!!! It's a very poor app and crashes a lot. I can only make outgoing calls sometimes without signing in and it doesn't allow me to sign out.

Although I love the app, I am annoyed by how it constantly signs me out of my account. This is why I am missing important business calls.

They are terrible. I don't trust them with my business. Careful! !

Terrible app. Poor company. It was once a great app, but it grew quickly, lost reliability, and eventually outsourced all support. It's now a waste of time and money.

The app is not working correctly. It doesn't always ring. Missed calls and voicemails are not always displayed until later. App doesn't always open after a while. This app is now a part of j7no, and I wouldn't recommend it.

Sign up forms are too many. Username. Password. Sms verification It's too much effort for a trial. The app was deleted immediately.

The idea of grasshopper is great and my business relies on it. However, there are many problems. Since quite some time, there haven't been any updates. An update could help resolve some problems.

Update: The app has been down for over a year and, according to long-term customers' poor feedback, it needs improvement.

This is a wonderful tool. However, I find myself stuck in situations where it doesn't make sense. At the moment, I cannot type in another number. The button says, "Click on the button at the top left corner to send text", but that button actually closes the screen. It's not possible to locate a solution.

This app is not very useful. It takes a while for text messages to show up. Although it says so, it can take some time for it to be displayed.

Grasshopper has a wonderful service, but the app is utter garbage. I have been using it for more than 2 years and they are still great. The app logs me in and out randomly so that I don't miss business calls or important text messages. You can't even download photos from the app.

My phone loses its signal, from 5G down to zero. I can call anyone and they will tell me that my number is not working. It can sometimes work with wifi turned on, but it is very slow between us talking. Txt part works fine.