H Band for PC

H Band for PC

With H Band you can track your steps, sleep and heart rate.

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About H Band For PC

The app is terrible. I love the Morepro watch. The data I require in spreadsheet format, not as a screenshot. The data may be visible on my watch but the app does not show it even when I refresh.

The app is great. Easy sync with your smartwatch. The only problem is that Sleep mode begins at 12:30 AM. If possible, I would like to alter my sleep time. Is there anyone who knows how to accomplish this?

This app has been working well for me with my dosmarter watch over the past year. It has a lot of features, but it lacks watch faces because there are only 4 on the watch. It's very easy to use. It's a shame that other watches do not use the app.

It's difficult to figure out how to set watch to calories. You don't need to know the kcal. The ekg function will not work. How can I change my calorie intake and get the ekg running?

This app was on an older phone that I used. I unplugged it for a week and then connected it to another device. It does not work.

While I enjoy the watch so far, it doesn't accurately count my steps. My older watch was accurate but I took way too many steps. I also have a different watch that said it would take me more. I'm not sure how to adjust my gait. It's not clear how to use the instructions. If someone can, that would be great. Otherwise, it is excellent.

It seems to be working well, with a few hiccups that were fixed in the last update. However, calories are not calculated using heart rate or basal metabolic rates. They're calculated using steps.

I just updated the app, and it now requires a password in order to connect to Bluetooth. My password has never been set and I don't know how to do it so my watch won't work anymore!

It has not been possible to link to my watch. I've only seen it 2x out of 100 times i have pressed the button.

Although it's fine as a step-counter, the computer stops often computing daily totals. It is easy to get sleep tracking wrong, especially when you awake in the middle or late of the night.

Since I downloaded it, the app has not recorded BP. It skips all the data every other day. It is difficult to distinguish sleep from working on a computer. Nice idea, poor execution.

About a week ago, I downloaded the app. About half of the time, I'm unable to sync (on-demand) around 50%. Sometimes, the displayed data can be a few hours late. It's not clear if this is the issue or the tracker. UPDATE: It was not an app I liked. The app would disconnect, and it would not reconnect on request. The app does not reflect tracker data once it is connected.

I purchased a H22R smartwatch, but keep having disconnect problems with the app. It is nearly impossible to make calls when there is no connection. We hope that an update will address the problem.

It disconnects easily, and it stops logging my steps in-app. The wristband shows the total step count for 3 days, but it doesn't log them in-app. Yes, I checked the permissions many times in-app. It was fine for several months. But it stopped working last month. It works perfectly for the purpose it was intended when it's working.

What will happen? In app sport, pedometer now shows and not graph steps. Since the end of July. It was the new watch that I thought had been broken. It seems that the watch is erratic. The steps graph and sms are still inoperative. Other notifications also fail to work occasionally.