Happy Color – Color by Number for PC

Happy Color – Color by Number for PC

Coloring book: paint & color by number 💯 free! Enjoy amazing drawings! ❤️💛💜

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About Happy Color – Color by Number For PC

The color is great. However, I find the thing I dislike about this game to be too tall. I cannot see the objects so it makes it difficult for me to locate them.

Amazing. Ads aside. Beautiful photos. Very relaxing. It's important that you can play without internet. You can then play from anywhere with Suz.

There are far too many advertisements. I can't seem to get any hint from the advertisements. They keep sending me back to candy crush, which is a loop.

The app is great, but you cannot paint offline because it requires internet. I still love the app and find it very helpful in my anxiety.

It used to be my favourite coloring app. There are many great photos, and there is something for everyone. This is because the latest update forces users to view an ad whenever they leave the app. Even if it's only for a few seconds. Each ad lasts for at least 30 seconds, which is really annoying. It's annoying that I have to switch between apps while I color. It would get 5 stars if it was back.

Every day, new pictures are added. You won't find ads in the pictures so they are not distracting. It is extremely useful to use the magnify function. It is important to keep your phone plugged in, as it takes a lot of power.

This game is my favorite because it allows me to draw and paint. The numbers are color-coded so that we can easily identify the correct colour. This is an amazing app. Download it now from the App Store. This app deserves five stars. I absolutely love it.

Relaxing.... This app is so relaxing! It's free! It would be great if there were a free version for my MAC desktop. (OSX 10.12.6). I love Happy Color! It was even more fun after I bought the app. Is there an update to prevent this? Despite paying for the app, I keep getting this little AD icon.

This is amazing! One problem is that it won't let me color pictures without the internet. I am asked to connect to the internet by the app. Even though it claims that the app is offline, this happens.

This game is my favorite game. It can make a gamer out of me.

These are beautiful photos that we colored. They're very kind and helpful. We call them paint and want to thank you. Have a blessed day.

It is so calming and therapeutic, that I love it. Some ads can take forever to load.

This game is a joy to play. It's not a game to me. It is my escape and my distraction. It's addictive, however.

It was a relaxing game. Unfortunately, it crashed and I haven't been able load the game ever since. Although I have the option to delete or reinstall, I was done with all of my Disney photos and can't bear to look at them again. It's a shame, as the game was so much fun.

This game is very relaxing and I really enjoy it.