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HCMToGo for PC

HCMToGo is a modern version of TotalHRWorks Mobile App

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Although it's quite good, I have one complaint. It doesn't require me to change my password each month. Also, the password can't contain an older password. You don't want any other person to access your account except you.

This app's Gps is a mess. My other apps all work, but this app says that I'm not there even though I'm.

It is a pain. At work, I use HCMTOGO. It would be great to have it available on my computer so that I could view paystubs, ETC... I can't see it. It's very upset

It's working well, so far. Edit: My account was not deactivated by my old company and scorched companies. Soni needed to create another email account. No big deal!! It still works great!

Log on requires WiFi, therefore you can't use the app using mobile data. It is absurd because not all people have access to WiFi. The app must work regardless of whether there is a power cut or someone uses a mobile hotspot.

The app doesn't launch half the time and just keeps displaying an interminable loading screen. Update: The app won't load again after I tried closing and opening it several times last night. Today, when I attempted to open it again, my account was locked. This is despite the fact that the app could not even access the login screen. This app is garbage.

It is essential for me to work. The app keeps forgetting my password and fails to allow me to log in. There are multiple popups when trying to log out or log in. It's easy to track employee hours, but the application is difficult to use by workers.

It runs well. It runs well. It could be a bit more. It is easy to use. It's easy to use.

I'd rate it zero stars if I could. Each time I have to log in or out, it takes me 2-3 minutes. It locks me out every time it asks for my password change. This happens for several days before the system catches up. Multiple times it tells me that I am not within the area, even though I am actually standing on the grounds or buildings.

It's a great app to keep track of your time on your smartphone, but .... lately it has been very slow.

Throughout the month, there are many corrections. There is a lot of incorrect reporting. It looks as though the time clock is from the 1990s.

It works half of the time. Apps often crash before I can log in. This happens mostly with Android Devices.

It is a very user-friendly app. The reason I gave it four stars and not five was the inability to read fingerprints when logging in.

It worked well, but it is slower on an android phone. Sometimes, you may have to shut down and reopen the app in order to enter or exit.

It should be possible to set a loud alarm for both clocking in/clocking out so you never forget