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Manage your and your family's health information.

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It was terrifying. It was so scary. I was touched by them, and they gave me tissues. They assured me that everything would be under control. The staff were so positive and it was wonderful to hear their positivity. This was amazing! It was better than I ever imagined. We are grateful. !

This app is extremely easy to use. I can check my appointments, my prescriptions or ask for refills. I also have simple questions. Melissa Dewing was a wonderful doctor. However, I am not able to communicate well and that is what hurts me during treatment.

This app has been causing me problems. I can't see my lab results. I clicked on view and nothing happened. I used this app when it was first introduced.

What is the best way to confirm an appointment on your mobile app? Just received an SMS to confirm my appointment for next Saturday. When I log in to my app, there's no way to either confirm or deny the appointment. Before the appointment is scheduled, you must confirm three times. What if there's no other way? This issue has caused me to cancel 2 appointments. Please make it possible for us to confirm reminders and the days off. PLEASE!! !

Clicking on buttons can cause problems. Still working on bugs but it is much more difficult to use than the previous online portal.

Like many other users, I am also having trouble logging in. Edit: Support responded to my email with some recommendations. However, it was suggested that I delete the app and then reinstall the app in order to bypass the endless "enter pincode" phase. The app now is worse. Even though it deleted my account due to "inactivity", even though I had used the app that day. It won't let me reset it, delete it and then restart it. Total failure.

It is easy to understand and everything is organized well. My only complaint was the constant need to login. It saved me a lot of time on the app.

It is difficult to get another doctor's practice in. This is the first time I've worked with a computer in almost thirty years. Why is it so hard?

It is easy to find information.

I can't even access the app, let alone find my information on the website. The app is horrible and difficult to use or manage.

The worst medical app I have ever used! Even though an email is sent to you indicating that a laboratory test has been added, the results aren't updated. Past appointments don't show!! Each time you visit a new page, you will need to log in. Hire someone with real knowledge of how an app for medical purposes should function.

I'm new and cannot even register. It is absurd! What is all the waste? Why can't I just dial in to speak with someone?

Not user friendly. It was a fluke that I once found the test results. I searched EVERYWHERE to find them again. Some providers have other apps that are better than mine. It is extremely frustrating. I prefer to wait on hold and receive answers, rather than searching for the information I need for hours.

It was very hard to log on. My password was lost and I had to go to the doctor before I could access Healow.

This app is not worth the effort. All I've written before hitting the Enter key is lost. This is not the end of it. It is not possible to see where this application can run under Windows 11. It just keeps getting worse. Your site designer is a waste of time. I've tried to download an app that claims it was simple but has not been able to get any results. Oops! And about "deleting my review." It would be nice if I could. How?