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HQ Trivia for PC

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AuthorIntermedia Labs

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Unfortunate design flaw. To activate the game, you will need a code. There is no way to reset your password from the beginning. Players accused of cheating because they have more than one account. Have you ever thought of people buying new phones? You get new phones, no space in the original so you can keep playing. It's a broken phone that I bought 6 years ago. There is no room on the device. You are now accused of cheating people so they stop playing. HAD 85K per night, every single night. Now 6-8K, 1-1-4x per month. Continuous glitching

Do not waste time. My biggest win was approved, and the message disappeared instantly. They didn't respond to my messages.

It was simple to reinstall the application on my Samsung Galaxy S10 and create a new Gmail account. This worked flawlessly for me since ....hopefully this will work for others soon. All the best!

Hello admin, I would like to ask you about the prizes I won in hq. I have a balance available to cash out 12.11$. However, when I withdraw my winnings there is no PayPal or email to receive them. Instead it states "Play a Game Tonight to Win Some Cash" and I attach my proof to help understand.

Since HQ returned it has been slow to accept answers. I can hit it hitting it, then it stops accepting it. The same happened with Words. I tried all I could to get the right answer but it didn't take me typing the letters. It's so frustrating.

This was something I tried to do every single day. Since then I have had to get a new phone and I cannot log in. I can't access social media or my number. It was something I had been looking forward to, but I am really disappointed that it won't let me play any more.

While the games can be fun, I don't support their business practices. Scott Ragowsky had been hosting the games since day one, and they kicked him out to make room for their new host. They screw them. They should all be burned.

They changed the system and it is now a disaster and freezes all the time. Don't buy any, as your life is forever lost.

They refuse to pay me my winnings even after waiting 6 months and then ignore all attempts at contact. Furthermore, they apparently removed my last review in which they discussed this. How did you get rid of me HQ?

Five lives and 5 erasers were my only options. Each time, I only used one. The next time I attempted to use an eraser or life, I didn't have any . It's a great way to save money.

App will retain winnings under review for several months. It had well over $30 in pending, and was mysteriously wiped clean without explanation. I will change the review once it is resolved. But downloader, beware! They can and WILL take your winnings without warning.

It's no longer working after you changed the sign-in to your social media accounts. Signing in using my mobile number. It is not working. I tried to log in using my Facebook and Google accounts. This keeps me on one page. This needs to be fixed.

The HQ quiz is great fun and offers 12 questions for money. Multiple choices, 12 questions are required to be eligible for the prize. It wasn't as simple to win twice, depending on how many people won the prize fund. Play 5 consecutive nights and you get a life-share with two others. You also get 2 free reduced choices. It has been reduced by Covid, but it is still worth playing if you are awake at 2am.. Live from USA. It was fun to try and get every q12 correct and take super trivia with huge money. It's mind-blowing

Matt does his best, but the experience isn't as enjoyable as before. You can no longer cash in on these deceptive prizes.

HQ Trivia can be a lot more fun when it works properly. You have to fix all the bugs. It took me forever to look at my 2 previous wins. HQ wouldn't allow me cash out!