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inskam for PC

inskam is a software that interacts with devices via mobile phones.

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It was easy to install. How to get it installed. Plug the camera in Wifi adapter. Turn on adapter. Install App from Playstore Start app. You must accept permissions. To turn off mobile data, select inskam_xxxx WiFi Password: 12345678 Open the app and follow the prompts. The cable has an LED dimmer.

It worked well up until recently. The earcam that connects to the phone's charger is used for cleaning my ears. However, the app started showing the please connect screen and/or a black screen. Today it closed forcefully when I opened the app. So, i updated it but still faced occasional black screens or issues with connecting to it.

It was just shameful. It was just shameful.

It worked when I tried to plug it in. I was stopped from visiting the site by my phone, which said that unsafe sites were available. It was a complete waste of money to purchase my product which requires this program.

It's a terrible app. I made a terrible mistake by buying it. Enough said. You all know it is rubbish, but you still make money off of it to stupid people like me. Shame on everyone.

This has been a great app. It is possible that this app may be used by more than one company, which could explain why the rating was so low. My device is compatible with the app.

Terrible app. It has been installed multiple times, but it still does not work. It's basically the same problem as everyone else who has experienced an unresponsive app. It was a complete waste of time.