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JW Library for PC

Read and study multiple Bible translations, books and brochures.

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AuthorJehovah's Witnesses

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There are some Grammatical Mistakes. I learned the truth that Jehovah God must hear prayers if they are to be heard. He will only listen to what is good in his eyes. Jehovah God will not hear your prayers if there is any badness. He can stop his ears from hearing you with Cotton Cloud Earmuffs. "Man does not own his path, nor can he direct it. Turn away from the bad and do good; find peace and follow it.

Greetings dear friends. We are extremely grateful to you for creating this app. The app is very user-friendly and simple to use. Recently, I noticed that the app crashes every time I attempt to download an item from the library using my Android 9. The latest catalogue 13.3 (2221490) is what I am using. It happens quite often. Sometimes, however, I am able to download the latest catalog 13.3 (221490). Thanks.

Jehovah’s Witnesses is what I consider the most important thing you can do for my life. I also love Jesus Christ so much that he gave me his son.

The new update is great! I can use finger gestures now. Album arts are of a better quality. Videos can now be reduced and moved anywhere on the screen. The media and notes that I made will be minimized if you click on the back button. This is a huge improvement over the old version, which could not do this but would stop any notes or media. We are grateful to you, brothers, for making this app better, more efficient, and effective. Our God Jehovah deserves all the credit!

Excellent app. It is a great app. But, you need to create an individual account so that notes can be saved for upgrades or when using multiple devices.

It's a wonderful app, but when I click on the publication button it sometimes goes off. Please tell me what to do.

It's now bug-free! I feel like I am being moved for the first and only time. It's amazing! All that matters is your version and device capacity.

It is an incredible app. They keep updating and adding new features all the time. This makes the app even better. The publication as well as the videos are extremely helpful. You can find captions for videos, especially!

Listening to audio files is now very unstable since the last update. Songs are sometimes cutting off half-way through even though I am viewing JW library.

Playing the audio versions of music and Bible dramas has become much more difficult with the new update. The music stops after about one minute, and it then resumes when the screen turns off. All I want is for music to continue playing while I drive, so that my battery doesn't get drained. This was not an issue in the beginning. If that's a problem, I use android.

We are so grateful for such an amazing app. It was very easy to use. Jehovah, thank you!

Although this App is truly a gift, my JW LIBRARY will not open on my smartphone. It shows only a white background and the Purple JW LIBRARY Square logo. There's also a purple line that runs under the logo box. Android version 10 is my moto G7 supra. I need to know what you can do. Laura, your sister

Excellent app! Great app! Thank you for providing a simplified version of the app to devices that have limited storage and slow processors.

Thank you for all the updates to the video player. Although I haven't thought about it, zooming out would fill the screen. I hope you will consider this gesture. Thank you.

This app location is great, but after I downloaded some videos from the jw library app, my problem is that l cannot see the folder that contains those files and gallery pliz does not show them. Please help.