KleptoCats for PC

KleptoCats for PC

These cute kitties can't stop stealing treasures. What will they steal next?!

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About KleptoCats For PC

This is a wonderful game that I would recommend. It takes some time for the cats to come back, but it is a great game.

It's a cute and adorable game. The art is amazing, as well. This is the perfect game for anyone who has ever been on a board.

They are so cute! I like the cats and they are very sweet.

Although it's an enjoyable game, I find that the cats often bring the same item back to me. I think they should either bring back something else or reduce how long I wait.

It's my cat. It gets 5 stars because I can. Isn't it like having your cat find things for your bedroom? This game may be cute, but I'm not denying that it is.

It won't let me click the cat on to stop in the first portion of the game. If this problem is resolved, I'll change my review.

It's a fun and cute game that is not too deceptive. Items that are difficult to find in regular games of this nature don't need to be paid for. It's easy to learn and fun.

This is an excellent casual game. Your adorable feline friends can have as many or as few interactions as they wish. This is very easy. After the initial few attempts, it is time to check the inventory. It's a little less exciting overall. Kleptocats is my top pick if you need to entertain yourself on the bus and at breaks. The ads are present, but they aren't too overwhelming. This is very good. Very enjoyable.

This game is great because you get to collect many cats. It's just too long to wait for my cat back.

Your game is amazing! I find it so satisfying that sometimes, even though I don't want to care for the cat anymore, it still brings me joy.

This is a cute and simple game that I really love. There are a couple of bugs, like the coins staying on my screen when I received them. But overall it's so much fun and I absolutely love it.

It's cute! There is a small add, but that's all it needs! I don't know how to obtain more gems. To get more gems, I will need to make a payment. I don't have a lot of money.

This game is my favorite, and I especially love the cats. Super cute! My low score is due to the fact that I cannot back it up and bring it along on my new phone. It is impossible for me to move the data I'm capable of. I am not a programmer. My old phone must be returned to me as part of my replacement plan. If you can't attach yourself to the things, this is a great game.

I lost my whole game! My entire game was lost. I just installed it on another device, and now I need to start over. This game has cost me a lot of time and money. I'm not happy

It is my favorite game on my smartphone, bc I love cats. Keep it up!