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La Musica for PC

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AuthorSpanish Broadcasting System

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About La Musica For PC

It takes too long to download, and it is slow. You can't download any radio station. If you click radio icon or another icon, nothing appears. Scroll down to find the station that you want and click it.

App is great, but the app won't open if it's not opened. Please fix this! Did I check my settings?

This app was great, but they have been making updates. The stations that I used to listen now stop playing automatically. I must shut the app down multiple times to allow the station to play again. However, even though it may temporarily go on and then quit acting up, the problem will still be there.

It shuts down every five minutes, then it restarts. This is annoying, and I hate it.

The latest update was released on May/22. This fixed an issue where the rotating screen would close while running episodes were being played. However, there's no way to return to previous episodes. Video podcast: The latest update (9/10/21) is now available. It's fully functional as of 9/13/21. Thank you for fixing the app!

Esta aplicacion es muy mala. Se desconecta a cada rato con un error, los anuncio hace que se detenga y hay que estar cerrando la aplicacion simultaneamente. HAGAN ALGO PAR LA BASURA de APLICACION.

Esta App es un dolor de cabeza. Me encanta las radios que tiene pero cada minuto se cae la senal osea se corta a cada ratito tengo que reiniciar el app a cada ratito.. y mucho Comercial antes que suene la estacion que quiero escuchar

I start to play a radio station. After the commercials stop, a song starts playing and it shuts off the radio. It's so frustrating. This issue needs to be fixed. My favorite NYC radio stations are my favorites.

Demasiados de anuncios de 5, 15 y 30 segundos mas anuncios en ingles cada vez que abro la aplicacion para escuchar un programa. Pasa todo el tiempo, siempre que cierro la app y vuelvo abrirla, aveces en pleno programa se interrumpe el programa para un anuncio

Desde la ultima actualizacion solo es problemas. Suena menos de 5 mins y hay q entrar nuevamente y se interrumpe con anuncios. Espero arreglen este asunto, uso la app diariamente.

The station is shut down, and then I need to search for it again. These things happen on a daily basis.

This app used to be great but it is now useless. I have uninstalled 3 times, and the same problems persist. After about five minutes, it stops working and will not restart.

Because I love the app, it has English and Spanish radio stations. Thank you for la musica!

This app is great, but it cut off all my music when I listen to mega 96.3. I am hoping it will get better.

It was running fine but it stopped playing. I needed to force-stop the app more frequently to fix the problem. This app is full of good programs, and I found it disappointing that you couldn't listen. I ended up having to uninstall it.