Laudate - #1 Free Catholic App for PC

Laudate - #1 Free Catholic App for PC

The most comprehensive Catholic App: Daily Readings,prayers,podcasts,rosaries.

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About Laudate - #1 Free Catholic App For PC

Excellent app. It has a lot of Catholic prayers. You will also find many additional reading materials that are essential for Catholics. You will find links to the Bible, Cathechesis and Biography of Saints.

I love this app. It keeps me spiritually growing in my mind and soul issues. The app also explains and assists me with prayer requests.

The variety of prayers that you can choose from for any need, as well daily Bible readings are a great feature. It's great. It's great to learn new prayers.

Incredible!!! It is amazing that you can access Latin prayers. This app is highly recommended to anyone, no matter what stage of their walk with God.

We hope to have offline access of the Catechism and Church documents such as Amoris Laetitia, Vatican II etc. because, from what I see, an internet connection is required to be able access Church documents as well as pastoral exhortations by the Pope. These documents are vital teachings of our Church. This app is great because it helps us to understand the Catholic faith. Thanks a lot!

We would love it if you could select a country, as today in the UK isn't Epiphany. The drop down list of devices doesn't include every country that I am unable to purchase for my smartphone.

It's the best Catholic app I have ever used. It's the best Catholic app I have ever used. I've used it for five years now and am still amazed at some of the prayers ..... Thank you! I am in love with it.

This app has been my favorite for more than 2 1/2 years. It is easy to use and navigate. It has allowed me to discover the Catholic Faith, and helped me become a more Catholic Christian man by allowing me to use it daily in prayer and devotion.

This app is great. However, when i click on daily readings or daily verse, it says that the file could not be opened. This app is a pain to use.

This app is amazing. However, the calendar function on the saint-of-the day page was removed. This app is very useful for me as a teacher. It allows me to get readings from the coming masses and gives me Saints of The Day for my students. The calendar was created by whom?

I received an error message saying that access was denied when trying to reach different parts of the order of the masses. Thank you for your assistance.

It is a great app for Catholics and Christians. It has everything that you could need and it is easy to use. In 2021, faith in Jesus is still strong. God Bless

It was amazing! I have learned so many things from this. All the beautiful prayers make me feel more connected to God. I also sat down with my family and children.