Lily's Garden for PC

Lily's Garden for PC

Match and collect flowers in fun puzzle levels to build a gorgeous garden!

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AuthorTactile Games

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About Lily's Garden For PC

It's a wonderful game. It is very easy to use and I rarely have problems. I enjoy the levels and story. The different styles are great and you can switch between them if necessary. Highly recommended!

This game overall is fantastic. The story is great and I love the characters. Lily is by far my favourite and most beloved dog. I'm rating it 4 stars as the game's performance is slow and laggy every single time. It's unlike any other game I have played. The game is like this since about one year. I'll rate it 5 stars if the problem is fixed. It's a great program that you can recommend.

This game was my fault and I am trying to get it back in.

The 9 skullg coins were offered for beating the level. If you do, all you need except the skull coins to enter the Halloween event. Stop giving out coins if you don't want to!

It's a fun game. It's amazing how fast tech support can respond to your concerns and provide compensation if anything goes wrong. You get unlimited life and 15 minute boosters almost every day. 8/25/22 This game is being updated literally every week. This has to stop. This is ridiculously irritating. 10/28/22 It keeps me updating every six days. It's really unnecessary

.... I made it all the way to the finish, with over 8000 boards and a game that I had accidentally downloaded. The game has a great storyline and is a fun one. But the updates keep getting ridiculous. And what about the bonus rocket ruckus games or flower gathering? Mary's statues are too much for me.

After having fun, I gave up and bought real money. The thing is that once you stop purchasing, they make it difficult to move up.

Stressful. Advertisement is the best. Mini games that are difficult to win stars. The grass speed games can be extremely difficult and stressful for people with disabilities. Creators should have considered the possibility that some people may not be able to manage speed games in an app meant for relaxation, especially those with mental or physical disabilities.

It's cute! Once you complete a game, the system goes through the extra sales and rewards. When you try to use your free minutes to buy lives or bombs etc., it takes around 30 seconds to reach the game you want to play. Instead of taking 15 minutes, you may get 7. If you're lucky. It's annoying. They are not difficult. It is how often your sales come up, and the constant updates. You guys can have so many updates. You should stop updating every week! !

This game is great fun. It's so fun to be able to choose different styles and things. The downside is that it freezes and becomes glitchy all the time. It's an excellent app. Bravo, guys!

It's a lot of fun, with great characters and interesting storylines. Although puzzles may be difficult, they are easy to solve if you persevere! This game is a favorite of mine for many years. Thank you for sharing the game with us on Facebook and all of your boosters!

This game has been my favorite for some time. The game crashed after the two last updates. This is why I cannot complete the tasks. Even worse is when the level you are playing crashes. Your progress and boosters are also lost.

Hahaha, it isn't that difficult. This is how I responded to your email. It's because you want people to pay you.

I was not able to update the app or get access to Halloween area. The app does not automatically update. It unstalled and then tried to reinstall. However, it still wanted me to go back to day 1, even though i was logged in Facebook. It has gone to the next level. Developers have been unable to help me. I've spoken with them many times.

Thank you for making this great game.