Little Big City 2 for PC

Little Big City 2 for PC

Uncover your island's hidden wonders & use them to build a bustling metropolis!

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About Little Big City 2 For PC

Clicking to finish stadium query will cause the game to restart. To start over, please delete all my game data.

It is a waste of your time and a waste of money. This game is not recommended.

Little Big City 2, it's OK, and Las Vegas Nevada is my home. I visit because I have a lot of friends and I love to go to the big cities.

It's a very nice game but it gives you resources that you already have excessively but gives you what you really need very very rarely like blueprints,timberjack etc

Although game is great, few things like blueprints, land deed, and loader are easy to find. It doesn't matter how much time and effort I put in. The same item I get repeatedly is timberjack and goedesy plan, but not landdeed. To increase storage capacity I earn shelf, accountant and loader. I have a terrible game glitch that gives me very few items, no matter what method I try.

Nobody is going to talk about the fact that this is an actual plagiarized version of SimCity, which is clearly more developed. It's amazing how many mobile games steal each other’s entire idea and then abandon it completely. It's why people should not buy knockoffs but original games. These are knockoffs because ppl..

Although this game offers the possibility to log in, I cannot login to Facebook. It's also not secured. It doesn't let me connect to Facebook.

This game isn't working because it keeps giving me crazy errors when I try to open it.

Since I created a stadium, my phone has not allowed me to click on the link. When I click on the stadium, my phone exits the game.

This is an amazing game. This game is amazing.

It is one of my favourite games, I have played it many times. It is a great game. It's so vibrant.. so beautiful. One thing is missing: the portal to mobile money for resources purchases. That would be amazing!

Excellent game. It deserves a rating of 4 stars and not 5. This is because you can't make enough cash or diamonds without paying. I find things too costly. I think the price of biuldings needs to be cut. It is a good game.

This is a great game. It stopped working suddenly. I want to quit the game. Reaalu suck. It's time to remove it.

This game was fun to play. Let me log in, then the game crashes. There are many ads. This app crashed three times in a row, so I uninstalled it.