Lorex Cirrus for PC

Lorex Cirrus for PC

Keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world with Lorex Cirrus.

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About Lorex Cirrus For PC

This app is great and works well.

Strangley doesn't keep track of the time you're recording a clip. It records about 10 seconds after what I'm trying to save.

The app works both on- and offline. The system goes online and off periodically. No connection problem, base is only 2 inches from router. It won't allow me to review recorded motions from the day. It has been working well until now. It's very annoying to find out that recordings were made throughout the day and I cannot review them.

The app does not allow you to access live recordings from your camera remotely. The device is not able to be connected to me when I'm 15 miles from my home. Same problem every time I go on vacation or travel outside of my home state. Security cameras are useless.

Sometimes the app takes a while to load, and sometimes my device is offline longer than I'd like. However, overall it does the job. Even though my settings do not reflect this, it is still on military time. It also doesn't load when I click on notification! There are major issues that need to be fixed!

Cameras continue to fail and the app won't connect with my system. The app will not be required as I'll soon be without my cameras. My 8-camera system is 2 1/2 years old.

Even though I am an expert with technology, the software upgrade was quite difficult for me. Lorex was able to help me with the process. Since then, nothing but positive experiences. The camera works great, it is easy to set up, has clear images and lots of options. This is a great product.

Hi. Hi. Since upgrading, the app has not allowed me to connect to my WiFi cameras. Each camera screen shows the loading, spinning dics. However, they aren't loading up. This is a bug? . . . Update: The issue has been improved

The app is not able to be connected. LHA2116: App is giving me a red message that it cannot connect to the network. The router is only a few feet away. The system is located in Costa Rica but I can access it from any part of the world. !

I have spent hours trying to get the app back online after disconnecting all of its cameras and installing them again. We are again experiencing this problem. It is frustrating that I keep losing my connection without any reason, and I suddenly get notifications. It happens with both apple and android products. It works fine when I am watching it from the hardwired monitor, but wireless access is for 24/7.

Horrible new design. It is impossible to view HD footage anymore. It's easy to use, just like other Lorex security applications. The Ring app is almost identical to them. They are user-friendly. Last updated: May 4, 2021. Cameras are not visible now. Worked last night, but is not currently working. View cameras only on the main monitor, not in app. Updated August 5, 2022. Cannot view multiple cameras simultaneously. To view the live stream, I must choose a specific camera that I want to see.

Only the August 2nd update made it worse. It is not easy to rate Casting.

Best camera app I've used. I have been a loyal user of lorex for many years. They have made a lot of progress with their feature set and the experience within the app. Highly recommend

It works great when it works. It is useless if it has constant connectivity problems. I will buy the pos security system and look for something more reliable.

UPDATE: 04.08.22 My recorder has been plugged into my router. My system is being rendered useless by this terrible app! My system has been with me for a few years. The app worked well, but it is now unable to connect to my phone. It is still the same phone, device and network. Everything has been tried, even reinstalling it. I reported the problem via the app several weeks ago, but received no reply. Infuriating! Avoid Lorex! (UK)