Lorex Cloud for PC

Lorex Cloud for PC

Monitor your home/business from anywhere in the world with Lorex Cloud.

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I'm not sure what the app does. Is this the Lorex Home app? It is not clear if this app works with the Lorex hardware or software. If I don't have any details, I might consider switching to another system. Lorex Online Support is not of any assistance.

Very good VISUAL SURVELLANCE APP. It complements Yard Sensors with Optimal Exterior Visual Proximity Detection. We love all of the options with cameras, and how the system works even when there is no power. It records everything and backups to the cloud. This is used as a layer of protection for our home, prior to ALARM and LOCKDOWN Mode. The APP IS VERY RELATIVE AND WORKS WELL! !

I am now investing again in Lorex cameras. Unfortunately, the updated app renders it worthless. Simply terrible .......

The app freezes my phone every time I try to open it. It was much easier and more user-friendly than the old app. Lorex Cloud is difficult to use when the app won't open and crashes my phone.

Due to the old phone's inability to charge, I had to purchase a new smartphone. The old app could not be transferred. The new Android app is terrible! There are two 16-channel units and one 32-channel unit. Now it takes quite a while for the 16 channel units to show all of the cameras. It is impossible for the 32-channel unit to show all of the cameras. We have the internet to manage everything in this medium-sized company. This was not an issue with the older, slower phone. Disappointed!

Customer service is poor. I have called this number many times, and tier 3 has no idea what to do and the supervisor doesn't even know anything. ....

Hello my CCTV app flir cloud worked perfectly. From London, UK. From Montreal Canada. The new app lorex cloud doesn't work anymore.

The new app doesn't work with my older device, but it does not have an outdated version. The cameras were purchased in 2017. The camera is now useless.

Hello lorex tech support, When I open the lorex cloud application on my Galaxy S21 Ultra 7 times out of 10, the program crashes. I checked all updates for the Galaxy s21 and this was the only crashy program on my device. Please update the app

Although the app works, it isn't very good. I spent over $4000 within 3 years. The lorex price is unacceptable for two nvrs that went out of business very quickly. You can get maximum warranty, or you will be responsible for the cost of your purchase after one year.

The app and the system are absolutely terrible. It is not intuitive. To be fair, not very functional. There have been no updates to their software to improve its use. It is difficult to play a basic replay that lasts more than 30 minutes. Smart-sub relays are substations I programme that maintain the reliability of the energy grid. If the app was functional, I would be able use it. As soon as I discover another app, I'm going to abandon lorex. They send me 5+ spam messages per day. Garbage company.

It didn't connect. I wasted two hours with tech morons. After dealing with them for 2 hours, I decided to try one myself. They are a waste of time. It is a waste of time.

My Samsung 10S is not connecting. Extremely frustrated. Instructions used the old icon of the flir clouds. It is not a rebuilt model of the flir MPX dvr. It is located just below the modem.

Lorex Cloud App would not run on my iPhone 6. My iphone 13 was finally purchased. Now, the wifi connection works fine but it takes more than a minute to get the camera to show up. If you want to use another camera, you will have to wait another minute. My event list does not function at all. The problem persists even after I restart the app. Lorex Support informed me that it was the Cellular Company. The 4k system has been my 4 year old companion.

This app should get more updates. I tried to open the app but was redirected to a screen that informed me the app had a problem and needed to be updated. Where are Lorex's updates ?!?!?? !