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Lorex Home for PC

Stay connected with instant alerts and video from compatible security cameras.

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It is not clear if this app uses the Lorex hardware or software. If I don't have any details, I might consider switching to another system. Lorex Online Support is not of any assistance. Edit: No! Edit: No, I am not calling you. You can just send me a link to your response for end-to-end encryption documentation. Perhaps Lorex devices that have online capabilities do not offer security.

It is extremely insecure, and anybody can steal it. To unhook your doorbell from its mounting bracket, you don't need to have a pin. You can return the item.

For motion detection notifications, notification need to have a ringer! It would be nice if I could get up! There was not a single Ding DONG sound! ** Smart lighting modes, Custom Mode: It doesn't permit you to change from pm to am. Also, no matter how late it is it will not allow you to save. Replay of recorded motion events is cut off at times.

Complete garbage. It connects to Hotspot cameras, and then it says device not found ????. It is actually connected.

While the hardware works well, it is not as good as the accompanying app. The app detects cars as well as people. Sometimes doesn't detect at all. What happens when support days are disabled? It is not reliable. It detects motion only in a limited way.

Securely, fast and functional. Adam, anywhere. If you want to access the file from another device than your phone, you must enable sharing. When you enter all the correct information, it can be frustrating to have to go back to your phone to access it.

The camera system is great. It is easy to use the app to inspect cameras. They should also add an easy ward button. It would then be simple to scan the entire day of video.

Push notifications can be very annoying. They don't arrive until the time the particular motion has ended. It's not the network that I love, but the lorex software.

The app works well on Galaxy Note, but sometimes it will not let me view the notification clips. I need to restart the app to fix this.

It works well but I can't get notifications when the app hasn't been open. It is easy to use, and it works well.

This app is so stupid! Every device I have used to set up my camera has shown the network "unknown sid". Their tech support doesn't know how to resolve the issue. Don't buy lorex. It's a complete waste of money. PS: Please don't ask me to contact support. These are pointless!

Lorex has been my favorite tool for more than 5 years. I get constant notifications from my cameras set to "no notification". I turned off all notifications until this issue is fixed.

Today, you will not be able to view the notification bar from your phone or call it up. Today is the date that this began. Thumb nails in event list show only the standard "Lorex", not actual photos as before. Even worse is the app.

App began sending motion notifications to every camera. Not able to disable notifications. These were installed for customers. All cameras are set to not receive notifications after a fresh install on customer. The main system notifications were also disabled. While his workers walked about, it was sending out motion alerts to all cameras. The only way to end the continuous alerts was by blocking the app from his smartphone. The app must be fixed quickly.

It's clear and simple. I'd appreciate a way for me to tell the app that I have been working in my front yard, but don’t need to log it!