Lovestruck Choose Your Romance for PC

Lovestruck Choose Your Romance for PC

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AuthorVoltage Entertainment USA, Inc.

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About Lovestruck Choose Your Romance For PC

What was ??????!!!? Why??? Why? FIX IT FIXIT PLEASE Please bring it back. This was my favorite choice app.

The game has been removed from the internet. It was something I really wanted to play again.

Although it is disappointing that loverstruck has been discontinued, I loved the app and the many stories. Love and legends will be missed by me.

This app was great when it was available. It was closed when I attempted to return to it. It had so many stories that I loved and wanted to finish, and it was my dream to see this wonderful work of art restored by its creators.

The service is ending, which is a shame because this app was one of the most popular story apps. These stories surpass all other apps. It's a great app.

Just found out that the game has been removed! Please let us know if the story will be published elsewhere. Many of them I didn't get to complete or have the opportunity to experience.

This app has been with me since its inception years ago. I have used it many times. It is the best game I have ever played. We are grateful for all the great memories and laughs. All of you have a great career, no matter what you do.

It's a wonderful book! The stories and characters are captivating, making you want to stay. There's always a type of love interest for you, even if your WLW. It's definitely worth a shot!

This game is a great memory for me. I hope that it will be possible to return to it in the future, regardless of whether the app is different or not. The stories provided great comfort in times when it was difficult. It will be a part of my life forever, as I still love the memories and feelings it has brought me.

I tried logging in but it didn't work. It said the service was ended.

It won't load any more. It has been updated. I uninstalled it.

This game was amazing. I enjoyed the story, characters and photos. Why did you have to take it down?

I haven't used it in a while to catch up on new episodes. But, when I tried to open it, it wouldn't let me go. It will be given more stars if it can run again.

Voltage, I love you so much. This game is amazing. I will give you two a lot kisses and applause for your team. You guys are the best I've ever seen. Keep on winning. We love you both.

This app is great! The characters and stories are great. However, when I try to open the app, the message says that it requires an update. But when I visit the Playstore, the update doesn't appear. I'm not sure what to do.