NCIS: Hidden Crimes for PC

NCIS: Hidden Crimes for PC

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AuthorUbisoft Entertainment

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About NCIS: Hidden Crimes For PC

There are many exciting stories. It has one problem. When I quit playing, it took over 500 hours for my agents to complete. Overall, the speed was horrible. It was so slow that I uninstalled it.

Okay, I have decided to uninstall this game. It was enjoyable for a while. However, instead of 8 hours energy per hour being used up it now takes 250 hours to analyze and generate energy.

It's a great game, but the number of hours that the timer is counting down becomes an inordinate amount of days and then days it gets in the way. Please fix this.

It's been upgraded and it is even better! Although it's been a while since I last played, I still love the game! Good job!

I really enjoyed the game but discovered a bug. The time taken to replenish the rewards by the building suddenly increased from 5 to 550 hours. Developers please fix this!

In this game, the timers no longer work. Tap a building and it will reset to 111 hours or 121 hours to show you how long you have to wait before you can get free energy or coins. After being away for several hours, I came back to the game with only two energy. You're supposed one every five minutes. My agent won't be available for another 82hrs ????? Hello??!!?? Garbage.....

This is fine, but you will have to wait more than 450 hours for building and agent rewards.

This game was very enjoyable to me. I am considering getting rid of this game as it's only usable for about 15 minutes per day, sometimes less. Although it is not as difficult to play, it does take more energy. Sometimes it takes up to 24 hours.

I upgraded to a new phone, and then had to start over, however, the screen ratio has now been broken. It can't get past the Teddy Bear on the first level.

It's great! But, a second glitch required another 300 hours to complete my agent and mature my bonuses. This happened right before the last glitch-added time was over. I have no agent slots available and I don't get any energy from the agents I purchased. It is very frustrating.

The timer on agents does not count when the game is running. This makes it impossible to get any further as I cannot use my device while it's in game mode. My kindle fire is also telling me that my licence must be updated. I am now further ahead, but it won't let me get further.

It's a great game, but why can't we connect to Facebook for our saved progress? It must have been an issue with Facebook's contract. It seems that I have to start over on my progress. I did this because my Facebook was connected to my account...smh

There have been times when my energy has run out. It can get frustrating. It is unclear what the problem may be. I'm not getting my energy back. I can't update the game.

Although the graphics were good, I experienced images that weren't there at all. I was frustrated that the game would not work after a reboot. All previous progress had been lost. I didn't want to restart the whole process so Uninstaller it. This should be fixed by developers.

More than once, the object I am supposed to locate is not on-screen. There wasn't enough space in my play area for me to place the head and body on the bear when I was assembling it. To pass, I lost points.