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Updated 10/28/22: Now, on live view the screen shows only half the image and the wrong camera is on the bottom. It's a complete waste of time! It disconnects often and I am unable to view half of the notifications. I get a lot of video not on my computer. Ugh! Do you have a plan to solve these issues? This is how you can see the problems even when it's not there.

It's a good app, provided it is properly set up. Make sure you zoom in with the app. Change to five stars This feature is available in the apple app. It would really be useful. We are grateful.

System not able to be connected I tried again scanning qr code. This worked. Update: You say "Call?" The recording states that you will no longer be supporting systems older than two years. This is unacceptable quality assurance, and it results in poor customer service. Do I need to upgrade my system every 2 years? My 4 NO systems are sufficient to me, so I'll buy from you first.

My connection issues are severe. This system has been in place for many years without any problems. The connection has been terrible lately. When I want to take a look at my cameras quickly, the connection is not available.

The app won't allow me to connect remotely. The app will not let me add any devises, even though it keeps saying it's connecting. It allows me to add the DVR, but it displays an orange slash through the device. The camera cannot be added here.

I'm trying to install my phone again. Can't remember my password. To change my password, you will need to use your current password. The spot that says "forgot password" is also a problem. That doesn't even exist.

It has not worked since then. It is impossible to view or connect remotely from my smartphone. I am looking for an alternative to the Night Owl, after years of intermittent and poor connectivity.

It only feels right to connect when it is. This was not the norm, although I'm not sure why. These night owl-related mobile apps for smartphones are not good.

It is difficult to get the cameras on, but I absolutely love it. They should send me an email with discounts for new cameras and other accessories. This app is great!

My android camera is not visible when I'm away from my home. It can only be seen if I am connected to the internet. How do I fix this?

The app has not been updated for a long time... My S21 Ultra has no notifications. Even on the Motorola G Power, they don't seem to work anymore. Because they do not update their apps, I won't buy another night-owl system.

App always disconnects. You will constantly have to install and uninstall the app in order to view it for a while. It is frustrating

It's not better after four years. The app drains the battery and isn't updated for years. Need better developers. This has been going on for two years. When it feels right, it works. It loads very quickly on my smartphone, as long as it is connected to the same WiFi network as my computer. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to connect if it isn't available (or it doesn't work at all) when I am not there. My laptop is lucky to be able to connect. This is very disappointing. Developers should seriously investigate this.

This app has been broken since 2019, and it's still going strong! The app has a slow loading speed and I can't see my cameras nearly every day. I WOULD RATE THE APP A ZERO

This app has been working flawlessly for me over the years. The night owl app works better than my Swann system. The reviews aren't the fault of the app, but a lot seem to lack bandwidth.