Parlor - Social Talking App for PC

Parlor - Social Talking App for PC

Parlor is the First and Only Social Talking Network.

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Terrible app. It couldn't find friends and it looked completely like a dating app trying to convince you to use dating apps. Uninstalled!

Parler is no longer the original website. Ted Krantz owns it. He tracks you using Parlor or at the end. Many people believe they're downloading Parler, which was blocked. It is not. These are some very tricky strategies. The original can be downloaded offline.

It is asking for permission to all my photos and contacts. This app is a communist one that steals our information. This app requires far too many permissions. I'm not sure this is safe.

As a great alternative to facebook, parlors will open their doors and be available for free. It is not what it should be.

Dear developer, There are numerous problems when you call, massege, and add friends. As mentioned previously, the latest update has many problems.

You can not sign up. Instead, you will be required to upload a picture. Even after I do that, it tells you to still add a picture to your profile so you cannot sign up!

It's not good... Its information is way off... The article I read had its information... Way wrong.

Parler may be trying to fool you by making the e change to an o.

It is scammy or doesn't even work with my Android. The app was using my smartphone. I disabled all volume controls. I couldn't turn off the call volume in the app. As if I were connected to someone.

Please bring back the Parlor. I'm not getting this Parlor. It is impossible to search for someone. To find out more about MAGA, I came to this site. Melanie Trump appeared to be on this site, and I couldn't find her.

They should never be allowed to take their platforms back. They allow hateful and violent posts. They won't take down the posts if you report them. Instead, they will punish you.

I created my account. All the steps. Although you can search for your friends, it is not possible to search for channels that interest you. It could be a little more user-friendly.

Horrible. It was terrible. It wouldn't allow me to search for friends or people, and it won't let you do any of the tutorials on YouTube.

This app is not the parlor app that I think is best because it keeps showing me ads. I hate this app and am deleting it

The app is almost broken. The settings menu is not accessible. Are you trying to be like Twitter? Take a deep breath.