Photo Roulette for PC

Photo Roulette for PC

Compete with your friends in quickly guessing whose photo is shown.

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AuthorPhoto Roulette AS

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About Photo Roulette For PC

To play Video Roulette, I spent 5$ and couldn't load my own files. All other players were able to load, and they all had internet access. This is the flaw, because I spent 5$.

Although it's quite fun, you cannot just choose the photos that interest you. It is possible to only select 16 photos at once. You would prefer to be able to choose which photos you want.

This is great, but there's one problem. It would be great if it could show all of the video. It would be more entertaining and fun for the players. We appreciate your kind words.

Can I not select photos individually? Are there 16 groups? Do you think this is a great idea? Please quit your job

It's really enjoyable, but there are some issues. The quality seems to vary between excellent and pixelated. It's also a shame that you don't have the option to choose which photos you would like.