Picolo drinking game for PC

Picolo drinking game for PC

Alcohol game for parties

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About Picolo drinking game For PC

The app works well, but it is insane that you have to subscribe for EUR5 per Week. You should be able buy the app for EUR5 They want you to download the app while drinking and then forget to unsubscribe, so that they keep making money. It's a fraud.

It was friggin' amazing! Every time we connect up, me and the team get all twisted out of shape! Six STARS for us

This is the best game ever!

It's a pretty good game for something you get for nothing. It was more enjoyable to play this game with three or more players.

This game was amazing. It was like the girls got sick on each other. Piccolo is my king

The subscription continues even after you remove the game. This is easy to overlook, as they charge every other week. App that enables you to fall for deceptive scams.

Garbage is a waste of time, full of grammatical mistakes. Some prompts are confusing. All passes ?!?!?! must be paid for. You can drink to your heart's content or you could be a drunk potato.

Why do you want to start charing? Tight bastards. Although I used to enjoy great crack, now I refuse to pay. Although I can understand the concept of explicit expansions and how to pay, it is difficult for me to comprehend why you would need to spend 5 pounds a week.

Garbage...it is a great game that I have been enjoying for many years. But they raised it to 4.50 a week or 54.99 for one year to enjoy all the modes. That's ridiculous. I don't think anyone will ever pay you anything if you ruin it.

Content that is easily accessed in just a few hours costs $7 per week. It was monthly billing. It was uninteresting and very disappointing

Before they changed to a subscription, I had already paid for upgraded decks. The decks I purchased have been removed from my account. It feels like I was ripped off.

This was fun until "VIRUS" (name) developed tourrettes syndrome. Every time you make a swear, everyone in the group must repeat it . Then, "You are now free from tourrettes syndrome!" It is extremely insensitive. It's not possible to cure Tourrettes and many people struggle with it. This game was a complete disaster. Shame on your.

This is the best game I have ever played. Granted, I don't know any other players but I enjoy reading the questions and dreaming about it.

There are many more options online that offer better and more flexible services. Do not waste money by'subscribing to' a boring and blatant cash grab

I had a lot of fun, but it made me reveal that I was the Zodiac Killer. It's strange that it tried to convince me that I was the Zodiac Killer.