Private DIARY Free - Personal journal for PC

Private DIARY Free - Personal journal for PC

Personal journal with lock ability

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This is what I did for other users: Make sure that you save the file. (Internal Storage>"") Sometimes, it doesn't finish saving. If you save the file, a lot of folders will load. It won't open if it doesn't save. Backups should be done every other time.

I need help. I forgot my password. Although I correctly answered the security question, there's no way to change my password. I have sent numerous emails but no response. Because I fear losing everything, I do not want to remove the program. This dairy has been my family's for many years. It's very frustrating that nobody is willing to assist me.

What an's not working...i have stored so many important entries which are not accessible now...I was depend upon that...very disappointing

It's nice to keep a diary. These are my suggestions Picture at top of entry should be in 4:3 format View full page after opening the entry. However, it is limited in size. You can request to make any necessary adjustments. It is otherwise good.

My phone was reset and I cannot get it back on. I tried several times. It keeps telling me that my username is not recognized by the system. I am deleting this app.

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The app is not very attractive and basic. The app 'chiku-personal dairy' is much more user friendly. I am going to change my app.

Respected developer, I've been using the app since 2015. Although I enjoyed using the app, I couldn't find my files after uninstalling it. I lost all my notes. The archive file is not available for my app. What should I do in this situation?

AMAZING EXPERIENCE SUGGESTION. I've been using this application since 2014. As a user responsive to the app, I want to inform you that the private diary site isn't secure. Please purchase the security certificate in order to protect the data.

The app crashes repeatedly. The previous zip files from this app are not being imported by the app. These issues can be fixed and I will award 5 stars.

Helpfull, 'd be great if i 'd back it up on google drive Recently i switched to a redmi handset ,copied & pasted the storage/emulated/0/ file but am unable to restore my data on new device

This app was purchased years ago by me and I have been making entries to it for many years. This app won't restore my backup after I bought a new smartphone. It is regrettable that I bought it. All that data must be entered again in a new app.

I couldn't recover my backup of my diary or reset my password via their website. The app is a complete joke. Please, stay away!

Even after transferring the backup zip file to my phone and performing a'restore to backup', I cannot back up my diary entries. This is causing me great distress. Help us to solve this problem.

Appa, you should backup your file. You can't restore your diary if you don't have a backup file. I can assist you if you have any backup files.