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Since its inception, I have shopped at QVC. Everything from clothes to footwear/boots/slippers, to vacuums and food has been purchased. You can return it if it doesn't work for any reason. It's easy to use and I guarantee you'll love it! You can also use it for skin care and perfumes as well as toys and computers. !

NOT QVC Logo... What's the deal? Previous review: Not ONE SINGLE ITEM DESCRIPTION!!! Total waste of time. This app is a complete waste of time.

It looked good for a secont here, but the library lost the information table as soon as I opened it. Then the app began asking me personal information.

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I loved some products, and sent them back to get refunds. However, the app won't allow you to review it. It's just a small rectangle that appears and is impossible to leave a review.

It's only the beginning! I don't own a television, but have a great phone. I am 77 and receive Social Security. Love nice clothes, quality fabrics, gorgeous colors, but also love the host & all of their models. Jane is a great inspiration. Her enthusiasm and warmth lifts me up. Wish I had more money. We are grateful!

Since I was a customer of qvc for more than 20 years, I have only sent a handful of items back without any problems.

Jayne Brown on Gourmet Holiday? I WISH They Would Stop Putting Her On...I DO NOT Find Her Fit...Julia & Alberti...Anyone Other Than Jayne PLEASE

QVC is very disappointing. I placed my first order for Dyson Supersonic HairBlower. It was very costly and I didn't receive it. I have been contacting them back and forth with no success. They only said that they were sorry, but the replacement has not yet been accepted. This is a very expensive item. They are not trustworthy. I tracked my order, and it said it was delivered at my porch. I do not have one.

QVC saved Christmas for me last year. Everything came exactly the way it was shown. We were extremely happy with our products.

Logging into my account seems difficult. It keeps saying "welcome visitor" every time I log in. I can't view any orders or other information within my account. My account can't be accessed via the website. Fix it!

I was debited twice by them for the same amount. They then canceled it, and I have not received a refund.

It's generally a great app, but there are times when it can't be used properly. It was still not functioning properly after I uninstalled the app and then loaded it back up again. I have internet and WiFi that work together. It happens often

What happened to the section "Items Recently On Air" on the app? Since I cannot search for previous shows, this update renders the app useless.

QVC is so convenient because I am disabled and can't shop in the shops. QVC makes shopping much easier.